Reviews reflect how your store is doing from the standpoint of your customers. An overall good review score builds trust in your visitors. A store with great reviews has a higher chance of converting visitors to customers. Obviously all store owners dream of having only positive reviews on their website, but in reality, that’s not the case. Although it feels disappointing, you can’t avoid getting negative reviews. People have a spectrum of preferences, and what one may find to be the best will be totally wrong for another. You can get a negative review for a variety of reasons: a customer wasn't happy with your service, miscommunication or misinterpretation, or someone just simply wants to leave a bad review. Whatever the reason may be, a store owner wonders if there is any way to remove negative feedback on Etsy.

Remove Negative Feedback On Etsy Multiorders

How to remove negative feedback on Etsy

First of all, it is not possible to delete feedback. However, if you wish to remove negative feedback on Etsy, you can contact Etsy about it. Also, it is important to note that once you respond to a review on your page, it cannot be removed even if you delete your response.

When you get a negative review, first report it to Etsy. Etsy will review your request and check the validity of the review. If Etsy finds the review to be misleading or unreasonable, they will remove the review from your page. However, if Etsy doesn’t find the review to be a lie, then they will decline to remove the review. In that case, you can then contact the user who left the review and try to resolve the issue. If you’re able to resolve the issue amicably, the user will remove their negative review. However, if it doesn’t work out either, you can try to mitigate the impact by responding to the review on your page. When you respond, make sure to keep it civil and professional. Because, even though the review may be negative, the way you respond can create a good impression of you as a seller.

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