How To Make Etsy Banners?

How To Make Etsy Banners Multiorders

Customizing your Etsy page goes a surprisingly long way in improving your sales. It might seem trivial, but adding your personal touch and dressing up your storefront is very important for your growth. There are few things you can customize on your storefront, but undoubtedly Etsy banners are one of the most important.


Etsy banners

How to make Etsy banners?


The first step in adding Etsy banners to your store is creating that banner. First of all, there are a few ways you can do it. The easiest method is to create the banner in Microsoft Paint. It’s absolutely free as well, to do it on Paint. In order to create the banner in MS Paint:


  • Open MS Paint on your computer


  • Click on the icon at the top left of your screen


  • Go to properties


  • In the image properties, make sure the units are in pixels


  • Set width to 1200 and height to 160, which are the necessary dimensions for Etsy banners


  • Then you can add your store logo, texts or whatever you need and design the banner you wish


Likewise, there are also websites and different software choices available that you can use to create Etsy banners. Also, these offer deep customization options at an easier pace for people unsure of how to create a banner from scratch. Moreover, make sure to save your Etsy banners in your computer once you’re done.


How to upload Etsy banners?


As soon as you create your Etsy banners, it’s time to upload them to your storefront. To do this, log into your Etsy page, then go to the Shop Manager at the top right of your screen. Under the sales channel, find your store name and click the pencil icon next to it. Afterwards, click on Add a cover photo to highlight your brand, choose the mini banner option, and then choose the banner file location on your computer. Click on Add banner to upload the banner. Finally, your Etsy banner is uploaded to your storefront, but you can still change the banner as many times as you wish.


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