How To Boost Etsy Sales

How To Boost Etsy Sales Multiorders

As we all know everyone seeks to be the best in their field. Although, there still are those Etsy sellers who manage to sell thousands of products and others who cannot make it to the first hundred. This distance between them appears because of the different ways to boost Etsy sales. In other words, successful sellers decide to pull different strings which lead them to a bigger profit. For this reason, we prepared a summary of the best marketing strategies which will boost Etsy sales.


boost Etsy sales


5 things to boost Etsy sales


1. Your Etsy shop story


There are times when you might think that nobody is interested in what you have to say. Especially, when we are talking about how you came up with an idea to start doing something. As a matter of fact, customers love to hear more about your Etsy shop. All your background, ideas and what makes your product special. Keep in mind, that Etsy stands out from other marketplaces because of their unique content. Additionally, Etsy users know the real value of handmade, vintage and exclusive products. So, particular stories about your shop will definitely draw customers attention and boost Etsy sales.



2. Utilise Pinterest


It could be hard to believe, but using a Pinterest as your social media outlet might actually boost Etsy sales. Nowadays, users like to be connected to several different platforms, while Pinterest is mostly used for pictures. For this reason, many users purchase because of the pictures they saw there. So, it could help you see what is trending and how people like different types of product pictures. It could also really help you find the right product titles and popular keywords. When you start typing something into their search bar, you will see many different suggestions based on users searches.


3. Match titles and tags


As mentioned before, your chosen product titles impact your sales. The first thing about them is that they have to make sense to your customer. Second – they should have a common meaning. You need to know what phrases are used to describe products like yours, and what kind of nicknames they could have. Also, include as many customizations as possible. For example, sizes and colours. Another thing which you should keep in mind is to match your titles with tags. This tip helps boost Etsy sales and increase your traffic.



4. Product pictures


Another key thing to boost Etsy sales is to pay more attention to product pictures. First of all, keep in mind that Etsy stands for unique content. Basically, you have to create unique and quality pictures. Just because you are taking pictures yourself, doesn’t mean that they should not look professional. Look at tendencies and esthetic norms, and use them to improve your work. The only unprofessional looking thing allowed in your store are pictures from your customers. Show your visitors, how your customers are proud of their new purchases. Also, keep in mind that not all your competitors are going to bug themselves by uploading customer pictures. So, additionally, this could become one of your competitive advantages.



5. International shipping

One of the greatest tips is to start working globally. The possibility of international shipping will definitely boost Etsy sales. To easily choose which shipping carriers you should work with, start using Multiorders shipping management software. It has integrations with all of the most popular shipping carriers and allows you to connect multiple Etsy accounts. Multiorders automatically updates tracking numbers, shipping information and also informs your client. It creates a single inventory management system, where you can fulfil all your orders. It is the most convenient way to ship internationally.


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