How Can I Relist An Item On eBay

How Can I Relist An Item On eBay Multiorders

One of the most important things for online sellers is to show off their goods. In other words, to put them in front of their clients. That is why there is a function to relist an item on eBay. For situations when your customer didn’t pay for their purchase or when you had to end the listing early. There are two ways to do it – setting up an automated quick listing tool or manual relisting. In this article, we will explain both ways to relist an item on eBay.


relist an item on eBay


How to relist an item on eBay manually?


First of all, you should know that you need to manually re-list all auctions that have a 1 to 3-day duration. Not to mention that there are even more reasons to relist fixed price listings. Such as a cancelled order from the customer side, or the situations when you didn’t receive any payment. Keep in mind, that manually re-listed items count towards your zero insertion fee listings balance. So, if you already have used up your zero insertion fee, the manually relisted listings will be charged with an insertion fee.

In order to relist an item on eBay manually, go to “My eBay”. There, click on the “Unsold” section and find your item. Afterwards, under the “Actions” select the “Relist” button. Also, you could go through the “Seller Hub” and find an “Active” listing. Then, from the “Actions” drop-down menu select the “Relist” button.



How to relist an item on eBay automatically?


All eBay users who use the quick listing tool have an option to use an automated relisting solution. So, all auction-listings with a duration of 5 or more days will automatically relist themselves up to 8 times. Also, fixed price listings which are set to Good ‘Til Canceled are listed as long as you sell or end them. Another option is to use the advanced listing form, where you can add an option of “automatically relist this item up to 8 times if it doesn’t sell”. This service works for both auction-listed and fixed price listings.


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