How To Block A Buyer On Etsy?

How To Block A Buyer On Etsy? Multiorders


Finding if a customer has bad intentions aimed specifically at you can be quite difficult. However, trends are much more noticeable when they happen across multiple selling platforms. By using Multiorders, you can track the behaviour of your customers in all your stores across many different sales channels. If some of them start to stand out as suspicious, you can easily notice it and block that buyer on Etsy or any other platform you’re selling on. We already have a guide about how to report a buyer on eBay and in this article we’ll show you how to block a buyer on Etsy.


block a buyer on Etsy


How to block a buyer on Etsy?


Basically, it is a system that consists of a few basic steps that will result in you blocking any kind of Etsy user. In other words, it does not matter if they are sellers or buyers. You can even block those who are following you. After doing this, they will be unable to see your actions in their feed.

If you want to block someone on Etsy, you have to go to their profile page. Then, all you need to do is click on the “Block” link, which is at the bottom left. The important thing is that they won’t be notified about your action.


How to unblock someone on Etsy?


Do not worry if you accidentally block someone on Etsy, because you can unblock them whenever you want. Also, they won’t be notified about any of these changes.

When you decide to unblock someone on Etsy, in order to do that you have to visit their profile. Toward the bottom left you will see the “Unblock” button. Once you click it, that Etsy account will be unblocked. Basically, there are no restrictions for blocking or unblocking a certain account.


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