How To Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Shop 2018

How To Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Shop 2018 Multiorders

Each one of us seeks to be the best, for example, get as much shoppers as possible to your Etsy shop. Online sellers try to increase their traffic in different ways – new marketing strategies, sales, news, etc. Of course, some of them work better than others. For this reason, we found the TOP 5 strategies to increase traffic to your Etsy shop. With these tips, you will stop losing your time and money to ineffective actions and start selling in a cost-efficient way.


5 tips to increase traffic to your Etsy shop


1. Socially active Etsy shop

First of all, share your goods and talk about it on social media channels. It certainly is one of the most convenient ways to show your main competitive advantages. Remember that despite the fact that you already know your main advantages, many customers might have never heard about it. One of the ways to increase traffic to your Etsy shop is with the help of influencers. They will promote your product through multiple social media channels, such as – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. The more people talk about your goods, the higher the traffic it will bring to your Etsy shop.


2. Follow trends

Everyone knows that Etsy stands for unique content and collectable products. Despite that, there still are brands which find it hard to sell their handmade items and original art. Those who recognize this situation, should try to look at their work from a different perspective. If your products are not saleable, they most likely are not trending. With this tip, we are not offering you to throw away your created goods, but simply add some new items. Think about trending animals, words or styles and try to bring them to your work. In this manner, you will increase traffic to your Etsy shop, and shoppers will find all your other items. Creating a few popular items will end that struggle of being an unknown online store.


3. Etsy SEO

The most effective way to increase traffic to your Etsy shop is by making it more visible outside of Etsy. In other words, better ranking in Google searches. Usually, Etsy SEO depends on the title, description and “snippet”. The best way to improve it is to use longer keywords. While writing your “snippet”, add an introductory paragraph with your main keywords in it. Also, try to use words like “Vintage” and “Handmade” in your title.


4. Read reviews

Online sellers should pay extra attention to their customer’s reviews. It is important to answer and react to each one of them: positive and negative. For instance, do not take bad reviews personally, answer them professionally and take notes. Make sure that you address all of them by giving empathy and finding a resolution for it. In this manner, all other potential clients will understand the reason for the bad reviews and see how you manage to deal with them.


5. Second shop

The strategy of dividing your items will definitely increase traffic to your Etsy shop. There are two ways to do it. The first one is creating another related online store. For example, you could leave the same brand name, but add the word “boutique” if you decided to sell jewellery. In other words, a shopper will find it more convenient if they see only one type of product in your Etsy shop. On the other hand, you could create an unrelated online store with a different brand name. Then you can link them together in your bio or in each store’s description . Overall, having multiple online stores will definitely improve your sales. A convenient way to manage them is with an order management software like Multiorders. Not only does it allow you to connect multiple Etsy accounts and control them from a single place, but also, it has integrations with all shipping carriers and automatically updates tracking numbers.


increase traffic to your Etsy shop


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