TOP Countries by Etsy Sellers

TOP Countries by Etsy Sellers Multiorders

Online sellers who decided to work with Etsy already know that this marketplace stands out from others with their unique content. Of course, this shouldn’t limit you from selling in other marketplaces as well. Especially, if you are using multichannel management software like Multiorders. It helps you connect inventories, order and shipping from your stores on different e-commerce platforms. Besides that, did you ever think about how being an Etsy seller from a particular country affects your rankings? There are some interesting statistics about which Etsy sellers gain the most attention from shoppers. For this article, we’ll look into the list of the top 5 countries by number of sellers on Etsy.

Etsy sellers

1. United States

The number of United States sellers is substantial. There are more than 588 thousand shops. Furthermore, the TOP 4 shops generate more than 400 thousand sales. However, all four of them are in the Craft & Supplies category. Also, looking through TOP 100 US shops, most of them are in the same category. On the other hand, the fifth store with the most sales is from the Paper & Party Supplies category. TOP 5 US shops are – jewelersparadise, yummytreasures, yadanabeads, goldswan and ScribblePrintsCo.


2. United Kingdom

Despite the fact, that United Kingdom stands in the second place of TOP countries by Etsy sellers, one of their shops is far ahead. The UK has a shop which has about 20.000 sales more than the most popular US shop. Besides that, other shops do not achieve more than 82.000 sales. In this case, the most popular categories are – Craft Supplies & Tools, Paper & Party Supplies, Accessories, Jewelry and Clothing. TOP 5 UK shops are – nicoledebruin, HappyCutieStudio, Petershams, Wintercroft and ScorchedEarthonEtsy.


3. Canada

What’s interesting, is that canadians own two shops which have more sales than UK and US best shops. The BohemianFindings shop has 1.388.527 sales! Even more, the second one – clbeads, has generated 505.233 sales. Well, talking about all TOP 100 Canada shops, the most popular category is Craft Supplies & Tools. Additionally, TOP 5 of them are from the same category – BohemianFindings, clbeads, Prettygrafikdesign, OnceMoreWithLove and BobbiThisnThat.


4. Australia

Australia stands out from other countries with its variety of popular categories. Most popular of them are Art & Collectibles, Craft Supplies & Tools, Paper & Party Supplies, Accessories, Weddings and Jewelry. The most popular Australian shop – FoxAndCactus has 151.494 sales. Top 5 Australian shops – FoxAndCactus, LILAxLOLA, GPStickerStudio, Shovava and LimeandMortar.


5. France

The last of Top countries by Etsy sellers is France, but the interesting fact is that their most popular shop is in the Jewelry category. It is called Kurafuchi and has managed to generate 31.396 sales. Top Etsy sellers categories in France are Jewelry, Art & Collectibles, Craft Supplies & Tools, Home & Living, Paper & Party Supplies. Top 5 French shops: Kurafuchi, Cocodeparis, acanthusjd, miraclesmerceries and diymyparty.


How many shops do Top countries by Etsy sellers have?

United States – 588.778

United Kingdom – 80.665

Canada – 43.141

Australia – 27.091

France – 13.030


How to fulfil more orders?

Seeing how many sales each of these shops generate leads us to wondering how they are able to manage it all. As mentioned before, BohemianFidings managed to generate 1.388.527 sales. However, the only way to fulfil orders in a time-efficient way is by automating them with third-party help. Multiorders order management software helps Etsy sellers ship their orders with a few clicks:

  • Automated shipping
  • Tracking numbers & label printing
  • Inventory management


  • Automated shipping. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular shipping carriers, to simplify shipments for Etsy sellers. Choose one of many shipping carriers by simply clicking on their company logo. Multiorders offers you the best shipping rates and world’s TOP shipping carriers.


  • Tracking numbers & label printing. Automatically mark your order as dispatched on Etsy with tracking numbers. Because of shipping carriers’ integrations, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs your customer. That way, an online seller won’t need to check and update any shipping information.


  • Inventory management. As soon as you connect your Etsy account, Multiorders creates a single dashboard, where you can complete orders. Also, it has an adjustable inventory management system. In other words, all changes, which you make in will instantly appear on your Etsy shop. A time-efficient way to modify stock-levels, pricing, etc.