Frequently asked questions are usually used for introducing your customers to the rules, policies or some other facts about your business. As an online seller, you can save a lot of time when you don’t have to explain the most common questions to each one of your customers. Many marketplaces, including Etsy, have this option. Since they are very useful we made a quick guide how to add frequently asked questions on Etsy.

add frequently asked questions on Etsy

Why should you add frequently asked questions on Etsy?

As mentioned before, frequently asked questions (FAQ) are an easy way to inform your visitors. In online business, most of your customers will probably ask you the same questions. Such as the details about your packaging, materials, shipping information, etc. In order to save your time, you can create FAQ’s, where you can explain everything about it. Moreover, you can add frequently asked questions on Etsy on each of your pages. Additionally, it will simplify your customer service and create a professional business look.

How to add frequently asked questions on Etsy?

Don’t be surprised if you can’t see the FAQ section next to your items. If you never added FAQ to your Etsy store, you won’t be able to see it. So, in order to add frequently asked questions on Etsy go to your homepage. Next, find and click on the “Edit shop” button (you will find it on the top of the page, next to your shop logo). Then at the bottom, you need to go to the “More information” block. There you will find the “Frequently asked questions” section. Click on the “Add an FAQ” link to add your questions and answers. As soon as you're done, you will see 5 default questions. Additionally, under the “Custom” option you can add your own custom questions. Keep in mind that your question is limited to 300 characters, but the answer can be up to 750 characters long.

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