Etsy Integration With Shopify

Etsy Integration With Shopify Multiorders

Working with two e-commerce giants: Etsy and Shopify is a great business opportunity, which has its own risks. The main question is how you are going to manage multiple orders. Also, what marketing strategy would suit these two very different marketplaces and how to control them. To analyse it, we gathered all information about Etsy integration with Shopify and found the best solution to manage it.



Why should you consider Etsy integration with Shopify?


  • Different online businesses
  • Bigger reach
  • Memorable brand


  • Different online business

First of all, these two sales channels have completely different control systems. Etsy is a marketplace and to start selling there you have to create an account. There you can list your products for sale without any need to set up a website or a product page. On the contrary, Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you have to do everything yourself. There you can have your own domain with nearly no limits or restrictions. Also, you can completely define your site structure or apply the design. Working with both of them is a perfect way to evaluate and understand how different types of sales channels work.


  • Bigger reach

As mentioned before, these two are quite different marketplaces, so additionally they might bring you a big variety of different customers. Etsy was designed initially for artists, crafters or designers. Their products are mainly hand-made or vintage goods. Which additionally, attracts a specific audience. On the other hand, Shopify has a bigger variety of customers, because it includes more product types. For this reason, selling your Etsy products in Shopify helps you reach a bigger audience.


  • Memorable brand

Another main benefit of Etsy integration with Shopify is that you will definitely strengthen your brand. First of all, while selling only on Etsy, your customers most likely name your item just as a one of Etsy’s products. In other words, selling only in a marketplace doesn’t help your branding. On the other hand, Shopify requires to create your own store, which helps create a memorable brand.


Etsy integration with Shopify


How to complete Etsy integration with Shopify?

As soon as you are convinced about all the benefits of Etsy integration with Shopify, we will provide you with a way to do it. Multiorders found a way how to control Etsy and Shopify inventory in a single dashboard. Also, it offers you shipping any order with any of the most popular shipping carriers. In this manner, managing Etsy and Shopify at once will take less time than working with one of them by yourself.


  • Single dashboard

Now Etsy integration with Shopify takes only a few clicks. All you need to do is go to Multiorders and after signing up, click on the chosen sales channel and log in with it’s account. After completing these simple steps your integration is done and you can see all your inventory in one place.


  • Inventory management

Etsy integration with Shopify in Multiorders allows not only seeing their inventory but also modifying it. In other words, our software’s inventory is adjustable to both Etsy and Shopify. So, all changes which you make in will instantly appear on each sales channel. It is the most time-efficient way to modify pricing, stock levels, etc.


  • Multiple shipping carriers

Connecting your sales channels to our software allows you to work with all of the most popular shipping carriers. As soon as you receive an order (either from Etsy or Shopify) simply click on the chosen shipping company’s logo. Afterwards, Multiorders will do the rest. In this manner, you could ship each order with a different shipping carrier.


  • Automated tracking numbers

Automatically mark your order as dispatched on Etsy or Shopify with tracking numbers. Because of multiple shipping carrier integrations, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs your customer. That way, you won’t need to check and update any shipping information.


Etsy integration with Shopify


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