How To Find Your eBay User ID

How To Find Your Ebay User ID Multiorders

While the number of online sellers is rapidly growing, you can find more competition among the whole e-commerce business. That is why the identity becomes one of the most important things for each seller. Many marketplaces use different codes made from numbers and letters for their user ID, but eBay has created another system. In this article, we will explain to you how to find your eBay user ID and why it is important to you.

eBay user ID

What is eBay user ID?


One of the most important things to remember is that your eBay user ID is not a code with some numbers in it. Your user ID is your eBay account name. Also, there might be situations when you read something about the “seller ID” or the “buyer ID”. Keep in mind that they are talking about the same user ID. Sometimes, accounts that are selling goods call themselves a seller ID owner, but it means the same. This user ID, which in other words is your eBay name helps other users recognize you. Some customers, in order to find your products, simply submit your eBay user ID in a search bar. Also, you need it when you are signing up in eBay.


How to find your eBay user ID?


First of all, if you cannot find your user ID, and struggle with signing in your eBay account you can submit your email address. As soon as you get in you will be able to see your account name. Another way to do it is by downloading one of your invoices. Because in one of the fields at the top you can see the eBay user ID label. As soon as you understand that your ID is your eBay account name, you will be able to find it. All your comments, replies and actions are signed by your name, which originally is your eBay user ID.