How To Sell Private Label On eBay

How To Sell Private Label On eBay Multiorders

Creating your own brand is a big step for each online seller. Despite the fact, that before most eBay sellers were resellers or liquidators, things have changed. This marketplace created a great environment for developing private label products. However, you might still need some tips about branding and how it works. For this reason, we did a lot of research on how to sell private label on eBay.

private label on eBay

Why eBay?


  • Improved visibility
  • Handy listings
  • Review system


As mentioned before, the situation of selling private label on eBay wasn’t so beneficial before. This marketplace had some problems with guarantees of visibility in search results. Also, the poor possibility of getting reviews, which directly affects brand reputation.


On the bright side, things have changed in the past few years. eBay now even has some leverage to selling private label products on Amazon. Their eBay Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager features totally fix the previous visibility issues. Also, Our Pick and Group Similar Listings which help online sellers get more exposed to shoppers.



Selling private label on eBay


  • Internationality

One of the most attractive things of selling private label on eBay is the possible reach. eBay has 25 website domains globally (North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand). So, basically, for those online sellers who seek to attract a bigger audience and work internationally, eBay is the best choice.


  • Shoppers profile

As every marketplace, eBay also has their customer profile. First of all, keep in mind that eBay also has an auction model, which allows shoppers to expect to pay less. Additionally, you should predict that competitive pricing is important on eBay. Also, shoppers there expect high product quality and choose to buy from sellers with a high feedback score.


  • Products

One of the biggest marketplaces, eBay, has more than a billion product listings in over 20.000 product categories. For your convenience, we found the most popular product groups: electronics (laptops, game consoles, etc), fashion (suits, sneakers, handbags, wedding dresses, backpacks, etc) and collectables (RC cars, dolls, Lego sets, action figures, etc).



How to sell private label on eBay?


Selling private label on eBay is quite similar to reselling or liquidating any other product. The online marketplace does not necessitate any physical store, so all you need to do is to simply fill out the “sell your item form”. You can find it by clicking the “sell” button at any page on the site. Then select a category and fill out all the required fields. Pay attention to each section, because it will affect your listings. The title could be your best advertisement, so you can capitalize some words to get the customer’s attention. Also, write a clear product description, and include all relevant item specifications.



How to manage multiple orders on eBay?


As soon as you list your private label on eBay, and fill out all the necessary product information, orders should start flowing. Once the orders come you might run into another problem – how to create a smooth workflow. Using third-party help would be the most cost-efficient way to do it. Multiorders order management software allows you to fulfil orders four times faster. It has integrations with eBay, so you could add as many eBay accounts as you like to. Manage them all through an adjustable inventory management system, so all modifications instantly show up on each eBay account. Also, you can ship your products with all of the most popular shipping carriers, without any additional work. As soon as you receive an order, click on the chosen shipping company’s logo, and Multiorders will do the rest. Automatically mark your order as dispatched on eBay with tracking numbers. The system automatically adds tracking information to each eBay account and additionally informs your customer. That way, an online seller won’t need to check and update any shipping information.


  • Inventory management
  • Tracking numbers & label printing
  • All shipping carriers
  • Single dashboard



private label on eBay