How To Sell Private Label Products On Amazon?

How To Sell Private Label Products On Amazon Multiorders

The whole e-commerce business is fiercely competitive, not to mention the situation among the most popular marketplaces. Online sellers who work in Amazon may already face this problem and see the major variation among similar products. For this reason, they feel the need to establish their name and stand out from the crowd. One way to do it, is by creating private label products on Amazon. In this article, we will guide you through 6 steps which will lead you to a successful private label.

private label products o Amazon

6 steps to sell private label products on Amazon


1. Product selection

First of all, you need to know what to sell. It is important to carefully select a product which has a high potential. Creating private label products on Amazon is a major step for your business, so you have to make sure that customers have a desire to own your product. There are three main qualities to which you should pay attention before selecting a product:

  • High-ranking
  • Generic
  • Lightweight

After you’ve found some suitable products, you should find your competitors. Search them by the best listings in price and the number of reviews. Also, pay attention to their Amazon best-sellers rank and quality of listing. It helps you better understand what the market demand is. What is more, knowing your competitors will be essential in our third step.


2. Find your supplier

Right after deciding what you want to sell you need to know where to get it. In other words, find your supplier. There are different ways of finding a supplier for your private label products on Amazon. Choose a supplier in the US or an international one, such as Alibaba. There are more websites for wholesalers, so you should check as many as possible. Also, after finding your product you need to contact a few different suppliers. The key thing is to not forget to negotiate! Sometimes it helps get a better price and get more suitable quantities!


3. Logo-design-packaging

In this step, you should definitely look through your competitors work. See how they communicate and see how you can do it better. Also, carefully create your logo, by using the colour psychology and try several different font designs. It is important to create a catchy and memorable logo design. Because you will be new in the market, you have to make sure that customers would be interested in your brand. Another thing which will improve your private label products on Amazon is packaging. A simple and easy to do tip is to use your logo sticker on the parcel packaging. A different packaging helps create a more memorable brand.


4. Private label products on Amazon

Finally, you have your brand, product and packaging, so now you need to know how to create the best listings on Amazon. The first rule is to personalize your product. In other words, make it as different as possible and stand out from the crowd. One way to do it is by using your brand name and logo as much as possible. For example, add your brand name in the product title. Also, try to add your logo picture among the product pictures. Another tip is to be as clear as possible. Explain how your product works and how you can use it. Also, describe its value and show its competitive advantages.


5. Amazon FBA benefits

Amazon FBA, in other words, is fulfilment by Amazon and it simplifies online selling business. Pick, pack and ship with Amazon! FBA takes all the responsibility to fulfil your order. It eliminates the need to update a stock list, search for a shipping company and perform customer service. Amazon takes all the responsibility and guarantees safe shipping. It is a great deal to ensure that your private label products on Amazon will be delivered on time and get an insurance for damages during shipping.


6. Order fulfilment

The last step which helps you fulfil orders four times faster is automating it. Selling private label products on Amazon will definitely escalate your business, so you need to come up with an idea of how to manage all of them. Multiorders created a solution which helps complete all fulfilment in a single dashboard. It has integration with the Amazon marketplace and Amazon FBA, which allows you to complete orders with a few clicks. Also, you can choose from all of the most popular shipping carriers and manage orders in one place. With Multiorders software:

  • Inventory management
  • Amazon FBA
  • All other shipping carriers
  • Updated tracking numbers & label printing


Private label products on Amazon


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