eBay inventory management

Improve your eBay inventory management by adding as many accounts as you want and running them all from a single dashboard.

How can Multiorders help you?

Manage eBay shipping and print labels

Manage shipping for your eBay store and print shipping labels for any shipping carrier you need. Being able to complete the entire order fulfillment process saves you countless hours every day.

eBay inventory management

eBay inventory management becomes surprisingly easy with Multiorders. Set reorder points, update stock and prices, and much more from a single dashboard.

Global eBay integration

Our eBay integration supports all international sites. This allows you to sell worldwide and still control your business from a single dashboard.

eBay and Amazon inventory management

Simplify your eBay and Amazon inventory management by connecting them to Multiorders. Automatic stock updates will help you avoid overselling.

Unlimited product variations

Save time, money and avoid multiple listings by adding unlimited product variations to your existing items.

Multichannel inventory management and order fulfillment

Connect all your accounts from the most popular sales channels and shipping carriers into a single dashboard. Multiorders makes multichannel inventory management and order fulfillment effortless.

Make your business more efficient

Fulfilling each eBay order takes a lot of steps if you do it manually. While it may seem that each step takes only a few minutes, it quickly adds up. Once you receive an order, it takes a minute to reduce the available stock in your spreadsheet. Afterwards, you spend at least ten more minutes to go and find where the item you need to ship is located. That’s when your inventory is rather small and you don’t have a massive warehouse to go through. In that case, you can spend upwards of half an hour to pick up what your customer ordered. Then you spend another ten minutes packing it. Safely packing your orders is extremely important, so you make sure your customers receive their goods in pristine condition.

Now comes the fun part – you need to copy every detail of your customer to your shipping carrier’s software and print a label. Making sure you don’t miss a letter or a number from their address takes you a total of another fifteen minutes. Before you know it, that single order has taken you an hour just to prepare. And that’s just a single order. Even if you’re just starting, you’ll need to go through these steps multiple times every day. Whether you take your parcels to the post office to get them shipped or a courier comes to pick them up, that’s another significant chunk out of your day.

At the end of the day, even if you managed to ship out all of the orders for that day, you got nothing else done. This continues day in and day out. Even if you decide to hire someone to help you, you’ll quickly reach the point where you can’t deal with order fulfillment manually again.

If this seems familiar, you need Multiorders to get you out of the loop. With the help of our inventory management software, you’ll prepare to ship your orders for eBay or any other platform in just a few minutes. After you receive an order, Multiorders automatically updates the remaining stock levels. You can then see exactly what your customer ordered and where each product is located in your storage. If there’s too many items to remember, you can print a picking list and save yourself a lot of searching.

After you’ve packed your shipment, printing a shipping label only takes a few seconds. When you choose which shipping carrier you want to use, all the necessary details are already filled out for you. All you need to do is click “Print” and you’ve got yourself a shipping label.

eBay inventory management

Multiorders can do much more for your eBay inventory management than just update stock levels when you sell an item. You can add reorder points for every item. Even though this seems simple enough, there are still choices to be made here. Your reorder points can vary from item to item depending on a variety of circumstances. Do you use the same supplier for every item? Even then, does your supplier always take the same amount of time to send your next batch of stock? If you answered positively to both questions, then you can set a global reorder point which will apply to every single item in your inventory and not worry about it anymore. When one of your products reaches its threshold, you will get a notification. Afterwards you just click a few times to generate a purchase order, set the amount you want to order and send it to your supplier.

However, if you work with multiple suppliers or any of your SKUs require a different amount of safety stock for you to always have them on sale, you can set individual reorder points for those items. This way you can significantly improve your inventory management and be flexible enough to account for variations in demand on eBay or any other store you own.

Manage eBay shipping and print labels

Multorders inventory management software includes functionality to completely fulfill your eBay orders. You can manage shipping, print labels, choose from many different shipping carriers and the software will also automatically add tracking numbers to eBay as soon as your shipping carrier provides them. One of the most important aspects of shipping management is the ability to choose which shipping carrier is best suited for any particular order.

With Multiorders you can choose from a wide variety of shipping service providers that are guaranteed to fit the needs of even the most selective e-commerce sellers. Since most shipping companies have different requirements for documentation, you can choose from a variety of shipping label, invoice, delivery note and other document templates. This allows you to fully personalize your documentation while still complying with domestic and international shipping laws.

eBay and Amazon inventory management

There are a lot of benefits to selling on multiple sales channels. Especially ones as large as eBay and Amazon. When you expand your business from one to the other, the combined customer base covers the majority of the world’s e-commerce customer base.

With the help of Multiorders software, you can connect your eBay and Amazon accounts and consolidate your inventory management and order fulfillment into a single dashboard. This way you will be able to take advantage of the vast potential customer base while barely putting in any extra work. Multiorders will keep your inventory levels updated on both marketplaces automatically.

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