5 Tips For E-commerce Workflow Optimisation

5 Tips For E-commerce Workflow Optimisation Multiorders

E-commerce is a great way to start your own business but it takes a lot of patience to deal with everything. Endless orders require a perfect customer service, inventory management, product fulfilment and marketing strategy. In other words, the online seller has to think about every aspect of their business. Additionally, it could become an endless struggle through time-draining tasks. Of course, you should search for a way to simplify your business and not feel all this stress each morning. For this reason, we created this article with the top 5 tips of e-commerce workflow optimisation.


5 tips of e-commerce workflow optimisation:



 1. Automate internal e-commerce processes

As mentioned before, without any e-commerce workflow optimisation your online business can become one time-draining task. To avoid this, and escalate your business you have to automate your business. First of all, you need to conquer repetitive tasks. For example, printing labels and tracking information. Imagine this – receiving multiple orders and manually applying details of each of them to the shipping carrier. Not to mention, that after that you need to print shipping labels. In addition to this, do a daily check for a tracking number and manually add them to your marketplace. Also, inform your customer. As you can see, your order fulfilment requires a multiple step program.


The cost-effective way to conquer all these repetitive tasks is with third-party help. Multiorders is a shipping management software, that allows you to fulfil any order with a few clicks. It has integrations with all of the most popular shipping carriers, such as Royal Mail, USPS, Parcel2GO, UPS, DHL and others. These features allow you to print their labels and ship your parcels. Also, because of integrations with all sales channels, you do not have to add any item information manually. As soon as you receive an order, simply click on the chosen shipping carrier’s logo and Multiorders will do the rest. Automatically mark your order as dispatched on all platforms with tracking numbers. Because of multiple shipping carrier integrations, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs your customer. That way, an online seller does not have to check and update any shipping information.


E-commerce Workflow Optimisation

2. Quick customer service

The success of an online business usually depends on your reputation. Because shoppers are not able to physically touch or try your product before they buy it, they have to read reviews and feedback. In other words, if you manage to perform a perfect customer service to your clients, it will attract new shoppers. For this reason, you have to make sure that you have enough time for the communication.


First of all, do not try to automate your customer service, because then it loses that human element which helps create a personal touch. You have to provide a red carpet treatment to your customers. The best way to do it is by having enough time to dedicate to them. In addition to automated order fulfilment, you will get enough time for your shoppers. Multiorders creates a single dashboard for all your orders, where you can see all your top customers and shipments. All customer details and tracking numbers in a single platform! Multiorders eliminates the need to jump from one website to another.

E-commerce Workflow Optimisation



3. Create a single inventory

Sales growth is a good sign for your online business, but it creates more time-consuming tasks. E-commerce workflow optimisation would eliminate the need to manually update your inventory. Furthermore, multiple channel sales requires endless stock-level and pricing updates. For this reason, you need to find a way to make all these changes at once.


As mentioned before, Multiorders has integrations with all sales channels. This allows you to automatically connect them to a single place. Moreover, you can connect not one, but multiple accounts of each marketplace. For example, connect multiple eBay accounts. Multiorders inventory is adjustable to each sales channel. In other words, all changes, which you make in www.multiorders.com will instantly appear on each e-shop. A time-efficient way to modify stock-levels, pricing, etc.


E-commerce Workflow Optimisation


4. Having all suppliers in one place

Dropshippers usually have to search for one additional e-commerce workflow optimisation solution. If you have more than one supplier, you should have already faced one more time-consuming task. Sending different emails with Purchase Orders to different suppliers is definitely draining your time. To solve this, you should use Multiorders software which allows you to add an unlimited number of vendors.


Multiorders is an e-commerce workflow optimisation tool for any reseller. Now you can send Purchase Orders from multiple sales channels to any supplier. Simply add them in the “add drop-shipper” section. Fill in their contact details – name and email address, so that Multiorders will know where to send your Purchase Orders and Invoices. This e-commerce workflow optimisation helps fulfil orders four times faster.


E-commerce Workflow Optimisation


5. Follow-up on every purchase

As mentioned before the reviews and feedback are very important in e-commerce. For this reason, you have to make sure that your online store has a good reputation. That is why you have to keep in touch with your customer even after they received their order. First of all, ask if they liked your goods, and did the delivery go well. Afterwards, ask them politely to leave a feedback on your online store.


The best way to do it is by sending automated emails. Although, calling each customer might look more effective, but it will take too much of your time. Creating an automated email with surveys included, is the most time-effective solution for feedback collecting. Just keep in mind that reviews impact your sales. Automating this process helps be a scalable online store.

Follow-up on purchase


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