How To Edit eBay Listing?

How To Edit eBay Listing Multiorders

All the best online sellers have to find the right ways to satisfy their customer needs. For example, offer the best pricing or unique products. To keep the possibility of modifications you are allowed to edit eBay listing. Of course, it depends on the type of listing, for example, if it is an auction, the possible modification depends on how much time is left until the auction ends. In order to explain it to you, we took a closer look at eBay rules for revising listings. In this article, you will find out how to edit eBay listing.

edit eBay listing

How to edit eBay listing?


As mentioned before, you are allowed to edit eBay listing in a few simple steps. First of all, go to “My eBay” and find the “All Selling or Seller Hub” section. Then, find your active listings and choose the listing that you want to change. Click on the “Revise” button, which you will find in the “Actions” drop-down menu. Now, on the “Edit your listing” page you can make your changes. Keep in mind, that all grey sections cannot be edited. When you are done, click the “Continue” and review everything. The last step is to click the “Submit revisions” button.


What can you edit on your eBay listing?


All the possible modifications of your auction-style listings depend on how much time is left until it ends and the number of the bids. Let’s go through all the possible changes in different situations.


Auction-style listings with more than 12 hours left until the end:
  • Photos
  • Optional listings
  • Add a second category
  • The starting price
  • Item description (only if there are bids already)


Auction-style listings with less than 12 hours left until the end:

Only if there are no bids

  • Category and item specifics
  • Add a second category
  • Photos
  • Optional listings
  • Item description

There are different regulations for fixed-price listings. eBay allows you to change certain things whenever you need it.

Fixed price listings:
  • Title
  • Change the primary and the secondary category
  • Photos
  • Shipping details
  • Decrease the price (only if there are some purchases from this eBay listing)