Overcome Sales Obstacles – The Definitive Guide

Overcome Sales Obstacles The Definitive Guide Multiorders

Even the best online sellers usually have to face a few certain types of their customers. In other words, they have to overcome sales obstacles, which tend to be the same. That’s right, there are five main types of sales obstacles and we found a way how to avoid them all. In this article, you will find advice how to overcome sales obstacles and what are their types.



TOP 5 objections and how to overcome sales obstacles


1. Lack of trust

The first and one of the most common sales objections is that the customer does not trust you yet. It often happens to new online businesses or companies with poor marketing strategy. The thing about trust in e-commerce is that it takes time. You need to create your testimonials and company image through social media channels or great feedback.

The way to overcome sales obstacles which are related to trust is to provide your customer with information. Educate them, show why they should trust you. It should be one of the main tasks for your marketing department. Shoppers like information, not only pitches. Also, find out the reason for their objection in order to provide more information.

Untrustful look overcome sales obstacles multiorders

2. It’s too expensive

This objection is sometimes intended honestly, from customers who really do not have enough budget for your product. Otherwise, it could be just an excuse to avoid your pitch. In both situations, there are ways to overcome sales obstacles – be it price or any other aspect. You need to turn your customer around and show how they can earn back their money.

First of all, if you hear a price objection, if it is possible, you should try to suggest a smaller and lower cost package. Otherwise, show him that it is affordable compared to its value. As mentioned before, show the points where your customer will earn back his money. Also, feel free to ask about their budget, to provide him with the best offer.

It’s too expensive overcome sales obstacles multiorders

3. I do not need this

“I do not need this” – this phrase usually comes from the unenlightened customer, who simply is not aware of your product. The main reason for this objection is not even knowing about your solution. The only way to overcome sales obstacles is by showing your value. Simply explain the situations where your product is irreplaceable.

For example, many online sellers do not know about Multiorders order management software. They are used to fulfilling all their orders manually, by completing the same time-draining tasks. Multiorders has integrations with all sales channels and shipping carriers, so you can fulfil any order with a few clicks. It is a perfect solution for online business, but not everyone knows about it.

I do not need this overcome sales obstacles multiorders

4. Fear of change

There are a lot of people who might be not so open-minded as you are. Because of this, the fear of change is often the reason people dismiss a product or service. In other words, they are quite happy with things how they are right now. This obstacle also has complacency in itself but feels more like the conservative opinion.  

As mentioned before, you can overcome sales obstacles with additional information. When it comes to fear of change, show examples of beneficial changes. For example, talk about industry changes in the past decade. Mainly speak about past events or inventions which went well. Basically, to overcome the fear of change, you have to prove that what your customer will gain from working with you, is worth the struggle of changing one or more of their habits.

Fear of change overcome sales obstacles multiorders

5. Slow decision-making process

These customers could also be called “no hurry shoppers”. Their main objection is that they have to discuss their purchase with their family, coworkers, etc. In other words, they are unable to make a decision by themselves. Usually, this obstacle is promising and positive, but you need to keep an eye on them.

“No hurry shoppers” are more likely to still be in the research phase, so you should take every advantage from it. Start showing your product benefits and guide your customer to buy it. If the customer really has to talk with somebody be sure to reschedule your meeting or phone call. Make sure, that this customer won’t go to your competitor.

Slow decision-making process overcome sales obstacles multiorders


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