Amazon inventory management

Take your Amazon inventory and orders management to another level by adding all your accounts to a single dashboard in Multiorders.

How can Multiorders help Amazon sellers?

Amazon inventory management

Connect as many Amazon accounts as you need and take care of their inventory management in a single dashboard. Handle you amazon handmade products

Fulfillment by Amazon

Take advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment network and let them take care of storing, picking, packing and shipping your products to your customers through Multiorders FBA integration.

Amazon Multichannel Fulfillment

Complete orders from eBay, Etsy or your own website with your FBA inventory through Amazon MCF (Multichannel fulfillment).

Amazon and Shopify integration

Connect your Amazon and Shopify stores or any other marketplace integration to run your entire business from one dashboard.

Update your Amazon inventory in bulk

Apply bulk changes to available stock levels and prices for items in your Amazon inventory through Multiorders.

Shipping your orders from Amazon

You can choose from a variety of shipping carriers Multiorders works with, to ensure your customers receive their packages quickly and in pristine condition.

Make your business more efficient

As an Amazon seller you already have access to the largest consumer base in the world. However, starting your business was the easy part. After you optimize your listings to always rank in the first page of search results, orders will start coming in. Once that happens, you will quickly get bogged down by trying to keep up with picking and packing as well as shipping them to your customers. At the same time, you need to make sure you don’t run out of stock.

Amazon inventory management is the most crucial part of being a successful seller. Since Amazon take great care to be the most customer friendly marketplace in the world, they expect the same from their third-party sellers. To ensure a high seller rating, you need to guarantee that you never oversell. To always be sure, you either need to constantly keep an eye on incoming orders and update your available stock levels or find a way to automate the process. Multiorders inventory management software automatically updates your Amazon stock whenever a sale is made. This lets you focus on more important things that will help you grow your business.

Amazon inventory management software

There are a lot of different parts that make up inventory management for your Amazon store. You need to constantly update the stock that’s available for purchase in both your store and your inventory tracking spreadsheet. You also need to constantly keep track if you have the actual amount of products that your spreadsheet says you have. Not to mention resupplying, checking if you have enough items to make the product kits you’re selling and updating your other stores whenever you sell something on Amazon.

Multiorders automatically takes care of every part of Amazon inventory management. It also connects your other sales channels, so you don’t have to worry about going through each one anymore. Whenever you sell an item in one of your stores, every other integration will update without you having to do anything. Whenever an item is close to running out of stock, Multiorders will send you a notification. Then, all it takes to create the necessary purchase order and send it to your supplier, is a few clicks. Every field is pre-filled automatically, so you only need to decide how much of each product you need to reorder. This way you’ll always know how many items are available and avoid selling something that is out of stock.

Multiorders also works the same when you receive stock from your suppliers. With a single click of your mouse, you will update stock levels for your entire business.

Multichannel inventory management for Amazon and eBay

Whether you already run a store on eBay as well as Amazon or you’re just planning to open one, multichannel inventory management software is absolutely the way to go. With Multiorders, you can add as many stores from Amazon or eBay as you need. Connecting them to a single dashboard will greatly simplify your business management. You won’t need to go through every single account whenever you sell a product in one of your stores. Multiorders will automatically take care of updating your available stock levels throughout your entire business. You can even use your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) items for Multichannel Fulfillment (MCF).

By making use of Amazon’s fulfillment network, you basically forward the responsibility to Amazon to manage your inventory. All you need to do is send your products to one of their fulfillment centers. Or you can even tell your suppliers to restock your inventory that is already there. This way you can avoid dealing with storage and shipping altogether.

Afterwards, Amazon will take care of picking, packing and shipping your products to your customers. They’ll even deal with customer support in case any issues come up. And you can do all this in Multiorders.

Amazon and Shopify integration

Amazon is a great place to sell, because it takes care of the technical side of e-commerce. You don’t need to host anything, don’t need to design your store and don’t need to fix the bugs if something doesn’t work. They also have the largest customer base in the world. It means that when you sell on Amazon, you already have people looking for your products. Shopify offers you much of the same, except you have a lot more freedom to customize your store. It gives you the creative freedom, while dealing with hosting and other technical aspects. You also need to build your own consumer base.

With Multiorders, you can get the best of both worlds. Because of our Amazon and Shopify integration, you can reach the largest customer base in the world. At the same time you can sell the same stock in your personalized Shopify store. When you connect your Amazon account and then add your Shopify integration, you also get the ability to use Amazon MCF. Not only does Multiorders provide you with a way to manage Shopify and Amazon inventory, but you also reduce the work necessary for order fulfillment.

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