How To Change Your eBay Name

How To Change Your eBay Name Multiorders

Have you ever heard that most people judge others based on first impressions? It is a really similar situation in e-commerce where your eBay name is the first thing shoppers see about you. Of course, product pictures are important, but the nickname has more to do with your company reputation. For this reason, it is important to create a name that will suit you for a long time. Although, eBay policies allow you to change it with a few additional terms. Since there are a few important things to remember, we prepared this article about how to change your eBay name.

change your eBay name

Why do you need to do it?

Each online seller that decides to start a business on eBay has to decide their eBay name. In other words, eBay user ID is the first thing that other users see about you. Besides that, keep in mind that your username also stands for your reputation. Imagine how frustrating changing it every month would be for your customers and trading partners. They will struggle to find your new names among the multitude of eBay listings. For this reason, you should change your eBay name into something you will want to use long-term.



How to change your eBay name?

It is not a secret that everyone can change their eBay name. You can find this option in the personal information section of My eBay. As soon as you change your eBay name, it automatically replaces your old username. In other words, it appears everywhere on eBay – when you sell, bid or buy. Also, all your member and account information will be transferred to your new eBay name.



How often can you change your eBay name?

There is one main term to change your eBay name – a certain timeframe. You cannot do it more often than once in 30 days. As soon as you change your eBay name, the “changed username” icon will appear next to your username. Also, your old eBay name cannot be used by anyone else for 30 days. This policy prevents the confusion of other members.