How To List Items On eBay

How To List Items On eBay Multiorders

Working with one of the most popular sales channels – eBay – concurrently allows you to reach a wider customer audience. So, from the moment you place your product, it could attract millions of users. In other words, listing your products means getting in front of your customers. The way you list items on eBay could directly affect your business success. To avoid any misunderstandings we gathered information about creating product listings. In this article, you will find out how to list items on eBay.


list items on eBay
How to list items on eBay?
  • select a category
  • fill out the listing form
  • follow listing tips



1. Category

As soon as you decide to upload your list, you need to check eBay product catalogue. If you are selling in certain categories, select the dropdown menu (“Categories in our catalogue”)  to see their variations. Afterwards, if you find your product in an eBay category, you can create your listing by completing a few simple steps. Such as, adding the brand or product name of your item and all other product details.


2. The title

Once you select your category, you need to think about the product title. You have to make sure, that it will draw the customer’s attention and fits in 55 characters. Not to mention that title should be convenient and informative. Also, try to use keywords, which are in their mind when they search for such an item. Another tip to list items on eBay is to use a common nickname for a certain product. Besides, use phrases which define your item’s condition. For example, rare or antique.


3. The description

Another step to list items on eBay is to write a product description. In this case, everything is important – all letters and words. Do not think that writing the whole description in capital letters will draw more attention. On the contrary, it constitutes screaming or yelling which is not attractive to customers. What is more, you need to explain why they should buy it. Moreover, describe your product by it’s colour, size and design. Also, upload pictures to your item descriptions.


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