How To Ask Customer To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon?

How To Ask Customer To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon Multiorders

All e-commerce is based on a feedback and review system. For this reason, each online seller has to think about their reputation and ratings. You need to perform perfect customer service, avoid delays and fulfil orders by the estimated delivery time. Despite all your efforts, sometimes negative feedback on Amazon is unavoidable. In this situation, an online seller should try to correct their mistakes to change a shopper’s review. On the other hand, there might be situations when your actions have nothing to do with it. The reason for that is because shoppers are allowed to leave Amazon reviews without even purchasing an item. Both ways, you can always change situations by contacting them. In this article, we will explain how to ask a customer to remove negative feedback on Amazon.

negative feedback on amazon

1. Contact your customer

First of all, after getting negative feedback on Amazon you need to react as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it was your fault, or a shopper didn’t even purchase an item from you, you need to answer shortly. Most likely, the customer will appreciate your quick response and there are more chances that they will remove their negative feedback on Amazon. The most convenient way is to contact them by the Amazon system. In the orders menu, you will find the message area.


2. Incorrect message

While responding to negative feedback, you should understand what caused it. At first, do not try to push or force your customer to remove negative feedback on Amazon. It will definitely work in the opposite way, despite the fact that it wasn’t your fault in the first place. Another thing, which you can’t do is to offer something in exchange for feedback removal. For example, do not offer gift cards or discounts to make them delete their review. If you try doing this, Amazon will suspend your account for that.


3. Correct message

As mentioned before, first of all, you need to examine the reason for that bad review. If it is your fault, you need to make it up to your customer. So, only afterwards you could politely ask them to remove negative feedback on Amazon. Keep in mind that your message should be filled with empathy and understanding. Also, apologize to your customer for not meeting their expectations, despite whose fault it is. In the end, ask the shopper to consider deleting their review, but do not push them.