Selling Limits On eBay

Selling Limits On eBay Multiorders

There is a great variety of different sales channels in modern e-commerce and every single one has it’s own rules and limitations. Despite the fact that limits and rules usually look like a bad thing, eBay created some laws to make sales more convenient. For this reason, we gathered information about selling limits on eBay and how to overcome them.


selling limits on eBay


Why are there selling limits on eBay?

First of all, you should know that nothing is created without a reason. In this manner, selling limits on eBay are for your own well-being. Moreover, it helps both you and your customers. The main reason for selling limits on eBay is to help you manage your business growth. In other words, it ensures that you will be able to give your shoppers a better service. With selling limits, which depend on your sales, your business will grow in a manageable way. For example, if one month you sell a hundred times more products, it will be way more difficult to fulfil that amount of orders. It is because you are not used to this amount of workload.



What are my selling limits on eBay?

The answer to this question depends on your business size. It is because eBay sets their limits individually for each online seller. Selling limits on eBay depend on your performance per month.  eBay limit increases when you are ready to meet a certain buyers demand. You can see it in the “Monthly selling limits” section of the “All Selling” tab .



How to get higher selling limits on eBay?

It is obvious, that if you succeed in your business, eventually eBay rules will start inhibiting you. For this reason, you should know about the ways how to accelerate your limit growth. As soon as you see that your sales metrics are near your monthly limits, you should fill out a request to increase them. Another way to do it is for those who own multiple eBay accounts. Then, you can link your account with a more established one. Both ways, eBay team will look through your account and consider increasing your selling limits.


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