How To View My Feedback On eBay?

How To View My Feedback On eBay Multiorders

Because e-commerce drastically changed the majority of shopping habits, shoppers started to act differently. They switched from word of mouth opinions to a review system. That is why each eBay seller has to take care of their feedback. Because customers cannot physically touch or try their products before buying, comments and reviews basically become the only thing that they can trust. So, checking your feedback on eBay becomes essential for each online seller. In this article, we will explain how to view your feedback on eBay.

feedback on eBay

Your feedback on eBay


First of all, let’s clarify how to view the feedback on eBay you have contributed. It is important to know what you’re doing and what kind of an effect it will have. The most important thing to note about leaving feedback on eBay is that it is permanent. That is why you have to make sure, that your comment is fair and factual. Another thing is that you are allowed to submit a follow-up comment. eBay’s policy on follow-up comments is that you can add one follow-up comment for each feedback comment. In order to view the feedback you have left, you need to go to My eBay. In the Account tab find and click the Feedback link. Right there you will find the option to view all your Recent Feedback. In the end, click on the Feedback left for others tab.



The feedback you have received


As mentioned before, you already know how important it is to receive positive reviews. Feedback on eBay is one of the most important parts of their community. The stars and numbers system allows users to evaluate the reputation of an online seller. To check out your performance simply click on My eBay. Then, place your mouse on the Account Tab and click the Feedback link. Under Recent Feedback, click on View all feedback. In the end, choose either the Feedback as a seller tab or the Feedback as a buyer tab.