How To Change The Price On eBay?

How To Change The Price On eBay Multiorders

The whole e-commerce business tries to fulfil the needs of both sides: the shoppers and the sellers. For this reason, your eBay pricing should help you gain more profit, but also be reasonable for your customers. The thing is that at the very beginning you might find it difficult to set the right pricing. That is why you are allowed to change the price on eBay. A few simple steps could lead you to the new pricing, but there are some restrictions which depend on the certain timeframe and circumstances. For this article, we did a quick research to explain to you how to change the price on eBay.


change the price on eBay


How to change the price on eBay fixed listings?


The first rule about the fixed price listings is that it depends on what are you going to do – decrease or increase it. Besides that, all other pricing possibilities depend on whether you already sold any of your goods or not. So, if there already were some purchases you can decrease that price. Also, you can lower the Buy It Now price for your product.


On the other hand, if you didn’t sell any of your items from the fixed price listings the possible modifications are even more restricted. Without making any sales you can lower the Buy It Now price of your item. Most likely it is because eBay wants to protect their sellers from not selling your product for less than it’s worth.



How to change the price on eBay auction-style listings?


The pricing rules of auction listings are stricter than the previous one. You are able to change the price on eBay only when there are more than 12 hours left before auction ending time. Also, if some eBay shoppers already made any bids you cannot change your pricing. So, if there are no bids you can reduce the starting price for your item. Keep in mind, that you won’t receive credit for any difference in your insertion fees. What is more, you can remove some optional listing upgrades. Such as, Buy It Now or reserve price.