Conversion Rate – Best Improvement Strategies

Conversion Rate Best Improvement Strategies Multiorders

Did you ever think about new ways to increase your sale quantities? As an online seller you most likely have tried many different strategies and some of them might actually be helpful to you. Although you should know that one of the most important sales indexes is conversion rate, or CRO for short. Basically, the conversion rate helps better understand the visitors of your online store. In other words, see what they are looking for when they arrive to your website. Are all of your visitors converted to shoppers? If not, please keep reading, because in this article we will provide you with the 5 best strategies to increase conversion rate.



5 best strategies to increase conversion rate



1. Analyse bounce and exit rates

First of all, you should try to understand why some users only visit your website, but do not buy from it. In other words, why they do not become your shoppers. Analyzing the main reason for exit rates and removing it, will definitely increase your conversion rate. Perhaps, your website is too hard to navigate and your visitor is feeling frustrated, so decides to turn it off. Another reason could be that your website is not friendly with their gadgets. For example, it is complex to use on a mobile phone. Whatever the reason is, you need to find it and fix it.


2. Show your advantages

Most likely, your visitors are not turning into shoppers, because you cannot offer what they are looking for. For example, they were attracted to your website because of an appealing ad but shortly turned you down. That must be because, they cannot find what you promised in your ad. Try to keep your visitor, and do not let them go. You need to show the main benefits on your front page. Show off specs and advantages to convince your customer to buy your product.


3. Missing out

Nowadays, society is driven by a feeling of “fear of missing out”. For this reason, everybody reads the news in the morning and most people use social media channels. As an online seller, in order to increase your conversion rate, you need to have a social footprint. The most effective tool for this is working through influencers. Users tend to buy something that their social connections already have. That way, your products get attention from social media channels. Also, you can complete this “missing out” step, by including the best price offers for a certain time. That helps push your visitor into a purchase.


4. Lead capture form

Usually, this strategy tends to be underestimated, but it makes a major impact on your conversion rate. Most likely users who agree to fill out your lead capture form are already interested in buying. You just need to put this form in a smart place. Moreover, you can even organize lead capture forms by fields. The most important thing is to make it convenient and do not bother your visitors with it.


5. Video content

A great way to increase the conversion rate is to use video content. Many online sellers do not bother themselves with such a strategy, because it takes more time to execute. Although, that is a great tool for telling your brand history, and showing your main brand idea. Video content helps your business look more truthful and convenient. Also, it is the simplest way to show how to use your product by visually explaining it. Video content does not have to be too long, but it has to be captivating. Overall, video content provides more information than written words.


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