How To Sync Inventory On Shopify?

How To Sync Inventory On Shopify Multiorders

Today we are going to explore a way you can easily sync inventory on Shopify. For business owners with more than one shop this is a very significant article. The solution we discuss will lead to easier inventory management and less headaches. Furthermore, efficient and error free inventory management can bring huge profits to the business. Therefore it is important to quickly adapt to market changes and update your management systems constantly. Multiorders inventory management software makes these changes a lot easier and implements the newest technology before its competitors.

How To Sync Inventory On Shopify

How to integrate your Shopify store

In order to successfully sync inventory on Shopify you must integrate your Shopify stores with Multiorders. You need to follow these steps for each store:


  • Go to your Multiorders admin panel.
  • In the top right corner find “Integrations” and click on it.
  • Find the “Add new integration” section.
  • Click on the Shopify icon.
  • In the pop up window choose the display name (only you see this) and fill in your store name (not the domain, but store name – they may be different).
  • Click Connect.
  • You will be redirected to the Shopify login page, proceed to login.
  • Click Log in.
  • You will be redirected back to Multiorders Integrations page. Here you will see the integration status. The integration of each store may take some time, depending on the amount of your products.



After completing these steps, on the left side you will see squares with already integrated shops and each of them will have a status. However, you should wait until the import process is complete (it should take around 15 min.) for all of your stores.

How to sync inventory on Shopify

When you finish the integration process, go to Inventory. If your SKU (stock keeping unit) is identical for the same product in all of the shops and you checked the box next to the auto-merge option, all of your products will be merged together. For example: if you have three Shopify stores and in all of them you added “Black Dress” with 123456 SKU, then these three products will be shown as one on your Multiorders dashboard.


In case you use different SKU’s for the same product, or you skipped the checkbox part, you can still merge them manually. After finishing this process, whenever you sell a product from one shop, Multiorders will automatically update the inventory numbers on all of your stores.


In short, with Multiorders your life as a multiple business manager will be a lot easier and simpler. Everything will be in one dashboard and easily accessible.