Manage Multiple Shopify Stores with Multiorders

Multiple Shopify Stores

It seems like common sense to know how to manage multiple Shopify stores and be perfectly able to do so under one admin account. Well Shopify does not allow you to make it so simple. If you have five stores on Shopify you will have to play this fun game of logging in and out of your accounts. That is because Shopify still permits only one store per username. This issue has been raised to Shopify quite a while ago. However, after more than five years there is still very little improvement.

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So how to manage multiple Shopify stores if Shopify itself does not want to collaborate? The answer is easy. As a lot of people have until now, you can think outside the box. With the help from like minded people or software like Multiorders you can do this easily and forget about all the silly logging in and out.

Manage multiple Shopify stores

There is another way that Shopify allows to have multiple stores. You can have one login email associated with multiple Shopify stores. In this case you should use different passwords for each store, which is hard to remember. Or as many entrepreneurs do, just use the same password for each. However if you chose to go along this way, you will be causing a potential security threat to your stores. The correct option, of course would be to have different passwords. But how should you remember all of those if you have more than two stores? The answer is simple. Use Multiorders or find an app for safe password storage.

You can also try to add your stores to bookmarked pages for easier access, but the case with different passwords still remains. You will still need to find the correct password which may take more than one attempt.

Multiorders inventory management software

With Multiorders you will be able to merge your orders and inventory to one dashboard and access everything without logging in and out of each store. Everyday tasks will be a lot easier and you will be able to follow your progress and sales 24/7. You can also view your suppliers status, add new ones or remove the ones you are no longer working with. Furthermore, you can even view reports of your store activity and find top customers together with the best selling products. Multiorders inventory management system can help you manage multiple Shopify stores by automating the whole purchasing and shipping process.

Multiorders automatically provides stock summary, sales summary, top products by turnover and by quantity, carriers and the amount of shipments made through them and many more useful reports. You can try it out for free and get pleasantly surprised by the comfort and convenience.

In conclusion, when you find the right tools and get acquainted with them there is nothing that can stop you from further success. If your back office is set in place, aware of all challenges and has clear instructions – you are ready to go and get those benefits of successful ecommerce business.


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