How To Remove An Item From eBay?

How To Remove An Item From eBay Multiorders

The first thing, that each e-commerce platform recommends for their seller is to keep their products active. In other words, they suggest to not change or delete it, because it will most likely disappoint your customers. Basically, you should not remove an item from eBay, in order to keep the possibility of a visitor’s conversion. Despite that, there are situations, when deleting it could be your only option. For example, if your product is broken or lost. In this case, you are in desperate need of editing your listing. In this article, we will explain to you how to remove an item from eBay.

remove an item from eBay

How to remove an item from eBay?


As mentioned before, this action is inadvisable on eBay, but sometimes it is necessary. So, in order to remove an item from eBay, you need to sign in and open the “My eBay” section. There, find the “Selling” option and in the “Sell” section click on the “All Selling” button. Then, find the right item and in the “Action” field click on the “More actions” to see a drop-down menu. Select the “End item” option. After that, you need to choose the reason why you want to end your listing earlier. You have four following options:


  • The item is no longer available
  • There was an error in the listing
  • There was an error in the starting price, Buy It Now price or reservation price
  • The item was lost or broken


When you select one of these four reasons, click on the “End My Listing” button. As soon as you complete all these steps you will remove an item from eBay. Basically, eBay rules do not let you delete it without the right reason. They created these four options to evaluate the importance of your situation. So, it suits both the fixed price listings and the auction listings.