Does Shopify Host Your Website?

Does Shopify Host Your Website? Multiorders

Website hosting is necessary in order to create a working website. Basically, hosting is the service that allows you to show and serve pages. Without it, you cannot share your data on your website. That is why there are e-commerce platforms that host your website or domain. Otherwise, it is possible to host it yourself. However, this solution comes with additional fees for the website servers. For this reason, there is a common question among online sellers – will Shopify host your website? In this article, we will explain to you how it works.

Shopify host your website


Does Shopify host your website?


Simply put – yes, Shopify host your website. This marketplace offers to host your website and domain, despite which plan you choose. In other words, you can choose either Basic Shopify, Shopify or Advanced Shopify. Besides the fact that each one of them has different features and pricing, all include hosting services.



What does Shopify hosting include?


First of all, Shopify allows you to create and register a new domain name. This way, you can easily create the website you want. On the other hand, you can use your existing domain name or use the free “” domain.


As soon as you buy your Shopify domain name you will get an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses. Also, you can create those addresses depending on your store name. For example, if you call your shop “”, you can create an email like “[email protected]”.


Shopify provides their customers with all the latest details. Such as updates or new features. Also, all their updates are automatic so each online seller receives the latest features immediately.


It also includes a content delivery network (CDN). This solution ensures that your customers can load your website quickly. In other words, a content delivery network is a large network of servers, that are located all around the world. That is how Shopify guarantees a quick and stable connection, despite where your customers are.