Shipping labels are a small but important necessity for fulfilling an order. It is very convenient to print shipping labels on Shopify if you’re using Shopify Shipping. However, the feature is only available in US and Canada. So if you’re outside these regions, you’ll have to rely on some sort of third-party app to print shipping labels.

How To Print Shipping Labels On Shopify

How to print shipping labels on Shopify

If Shopify Shipping is available for your region, you can purchase the labels you want and then print them with ease.

Test labels

Test labels, as the name suggest is for test purposes. You will not incur any charges for printing a test label. To print a test label:

  • First, choose Settings Shipping from your Shopify admin page.
  • Under Shipping Labels,  press Print test Label.
  • The label either opens in a new tab on your browser or is downloaded to your computer.
  • Use the print command.
  • Select the paper size for your printer. Desktop printer 8.5” X 11” or for a label printer 4” X 6”.
  • Finally press Print.

Shipping labels

To print shipping labels on Shopify, first you need to buy the label. After you’ve bought it, then you can print it and stick it on your shipment. International shipments will need an additional customs declaration form along with the shipping label to be printed. You can print the label either in a label printer, or using your desktop printer in which case you’ll need to use something to stick it on the shipment.

  • First, go to Orders from your Shopify admin page
  • Click the order number for one of the orders you’ve purchased shipping label for.
  • Under Fulfillments, press Print Label.
  • Select the printer you’re using.
  • Choose the paper size based on your printer type. Desktop printer 8.5” X 11” or for label printer 4” X 6”.
  • Finally press Print.

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