How To Change Etsy Shop Location On Your Website?

How To Change Etsy Shop Location On Your Website Multiorders

Your Etsy store location is the address you provide in the store details section while setting up your shop. However, it is possible to change the location of your Etsy shop later. There may be plenty of reasons for a store owner to want to change their address. Maybe you moved to a new place, decided to revamp your business, opened another online store and want to change the location of your main store and many more. If it is the latter reason, you can use Multiorders Etsy inventory management to manage multiple online stores. It allows you to control shipping as well as stock from a single dashboard. However, you can only change your store’s address through the Etsy settings page.

It is important to provide the current store address on your Etsy page for a couple of reasons. The main ones are providing the correct address helps the carriers calculate the correct shipping cost to any destination. Also, providing your address will increase the chances of your listings appearing in local searches.

How To Change Etsy Shop Location On Your Website

How to change Etsy shop location

To change your Etsy store address:

  • First, go to Shop Manager.
  • Then navigate to the Sales Channels section and find your shop name.
  • Click on the pencil symbol near your store name.
  • Below your store name, edit your address in the field provided.
  • Although Etsy allows you to choose your city name only from a predisposed list, you can still choose the nearest city if your location isn’t on the list.

This will update your address on your Etsy store page. However, if you want to change the location from which your products will be shipped, that is also possible.  To change the shipping origin country:

  • First, go to Shop Manager and then navigate to Listings.
  • Find the listing you want to edit, then click on the gear icon near it and press Edit.
  • Then go the Shipping section and find the Shipping origin field.
  • Select the country of shipping origin from the drop-down box.

How to change Etsy shop location on your profile

After you have changed the store address on your store page and made changes to shipping from address if needed, it is also important to update the address on your profile. Your profile is a way for customers to get to your store, so it is necessary to keep that address updated as well. To change Etsy shop location on your profile:

  • First, go to Shop Manager.
  • Then scroll down and find the Your profile option.
  • Similar to changing the address on the store page, select your city name or the closest one from Etsy’s list.
  • Make sure to save your changes.