7 TIPS to Improve Your Customer Service

7 TIPS to Improve Your Customer Service Multiorders

E-commerce is a business field, where shoppers neither can touch nor try goods and all they can see is a picture. So, basically, the only thing that buyers can really trust is other customers reviews and comments. Usually, feedback is based on well-performed customer service. Which means that good customer service leads directly to sales. For this reason, we decided to find the best ways to help all online sellers. We’ve narrowed it down to 7 tips to improve your customer service.


1. Listen more

The first tip, which will definitely improve your customer service is to learn how to listen more. To be even more exact, you should try to use active listening. Keep in mind, that your customer is the one who needs to be heard. Listen to their problem without interrupting them. Afterwards, answer by paraphrasing them. In the end, summarize what they said. Also, always try to reflect their words.


2. The power of I Don’t Know

It is important to stay real with your customer and do not pretend to be who you are not. You will most likely face some problems which you are not capable of solving. Improve your customer service by admitting that you don’t know. Avoid lies and pretending to know everything. Admit it by saying things such as, that you are not a technical person, but you will advise with your team and get back to them. Customers will definitely appreciate your honesty.


3. Search for a common ground

As soon as you start talking, be sure that you are on the same page with your customer. If they start talking about other topics, stay with them, but do not go too far. Search and share for common topics. If the customer is willing to talk about something, show your interest. Just do not make the entire phone call about flowers. After a while go back to your main problem.


4. Polite language

Watch what you say. At first, you do not know in what kind of mood your customer is, so try to be as polite as possible. Even if the customer feels comfortable with you, there are certain rules which you need to follow. Think about what you are saying because your words should show your memorability. Try to focus on what information your customer is giving you.


5. Practice

Practice will definitely improve your customer service. You should start doing weekly or daily morning preparation. Speak to your employees about their customer service experience, share tips. Ask for some kind of report. Also, do not forget to share letters from happy clients with your team. Always remember – practice makes perfect.


6. Think as a customer

It is important to get into your customer’s shoes. In order to improve your customer service, you need to really try to understand them. Actually listen and try to find a way to solve their problem. Only smiling and agreeing with them won’t make the problem disappear. Each online seller should think about how to create a better business. Focus on improving your services to each customer.


7. Create more time to improve your customer service

Of course, you understand that better customer service demands more of your time. In order to save more time, you should automate your order fulfilment. Multiorders order management software has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels and all the biggest shipping carriers. It allows you to fulfil the order by simply clicking on the chosen shipping company logo. All data from that order is then auto-synced, so fulfilment is four times faster! Also, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and, additionally, informs your customer. That way, you can spend more time on improving your customer service.

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