How to Improve Unboxing Experience For Your Customers?

How to Improve Unboxing Expierence For Your Customers Multiorders

Online sellers have to find a way to stand out from their competitors. Most of the time, they use competitive pricing, quality of a product or different marketing strategies. The most common mistake of all is to miss a chance to promote yourself. Many online sellers forget about customer’s unboxing experience, which should be your first marketing tool.

Each online shop has to deal with some kind of packaging. Besides creating a smart and unique parcel, which will definitely draw attention, many still use only brown boxes. Without any big investments, your product would speak for itself. For this reason, we collected all available information about packaging. Afterwards we distinguished 5 top tips on how to improve unboxing experience for your customers.



1. Who is it for?

First of all, you need to figure out who will be enjoying that unboxing experience. In other words, know who is your main audience. It is important because that should mirror on your package. There should be a slight variation whether your customers are younger or older. Also, try not to fall out of your product context. Keep it oriented towards your customers and brand.



2. Bring back your customers

The main reason for improving unboxing experience for your customers is to make them come back. To create a loyal audience and devoted customers. To do that, try to create some kind of personal touch through your packaging. Tools for that could be:

  • Custom Note
  • Stickers
  • Tape
  • Gift
  • A sample of another product



3. Brand awareness

Another huge advantage of creating an unboxing experience for your customers is that you can spread the word about your brand. You can always tell a story with your package. Add cards or print a short brand story on the box. Also, add a business card, then customer from any marketplace could contact your brand directly.




4. Memorable and shareable unboxing experience

Try to create as much memorable packaging as possible. It should be visually attractive and the unboxing experience should lead to an even bigger excitement of receiving your product. Put things inside the box to make packing more appealing and impressive. Also, pay attention to the box, or the paper on it. These should actually help:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Filler – packing peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows, foam inserts
  • Box



5. Social media effect

Last but not least, all your unboxing experience will most likely be shared on social media channels. Many influencers and ordinary social media users like to share their delivery image. Especially, if it creates some kind of unboxing experience. This kind of promotion can become your main competitive advantage. In other words, your products will start to promote themselves. Customers will upload their unboxing experience and show your brand name, which will attract new customers!



ALSO, no late shipments

One more thing, if you accidentally get lost in your orders it will cause you a late shipment. Then, all unboxing experience will fade away. This is one of the biggest threats for all online sellers. The most cost-efficient way to avoid this is to use a shipping management software like Multiorders. It has integrations with all the most popular shipping carriers and all sales channels, which allows fulfilling orders with a few clicks.


  • Inventory management. Multiorders has an adjustable inventory management system for each marketplace. In other words, every change that you make in our software will instantly show up on different sales channels or accounts. The time-efficient way to modify stock-levels, pricing, etc.


  • Automated shipping. Because of integrations with all of the most popular shipping carriers, order fulfilment is now four times faster. As soon as you receive an order, simply click on the chosen shipping carrier logo and Multiorders will do the rest. In this way, every online seller can ship each order with a different company and use their best shipping rates!


  • Tracking numbers & label printing. Automatically mark your order as dispatched on all marketplaces with updated tracking numbers. Because of shipping carrier integrations, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs your customer. That way, a seller won’t need to check and update any shipping information.

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