Why Does Etsy Need Photo ID?

Why Does Etsy Need Photo ID? Multiorders

Each marketplace has its own strategies to protect their users. That is why there are many different security systems that require multiple steps to validate your identity in order to guarantee your safety. Undoubtedly, Etsy created some precautions too. So, if you are wondering – will Etsy need photo ID when you register a new account, the answer is yes. In this article, we will look deeper into the reasons why Etsy need photo ID.


Etsy need photo ID

Why does Etsy need photo ID?


As mentioned before, the main reason they ask for your photo ID is security. Etsy wants to guarantee that their sellers are trustable. In other words, to keep their users safe, they need to know who their sellers are. For example, if you are a customer, you really wouldn’t want to share your credit card number to an unknown seller. Also, Etsy, as all the other marketplaces, want to avoid frauds, fake accounts and scams. The only valid way to assure that is by verifying your identity through official  documents.

Another important reason for this security precaution is that it helps prevent banned sellers getting back on the site. For example, if you did something illegal and your account was suspended you are forbidden to create a new one. That way, they manage to protect themselves and their customers from an unpleasant shopping experience. Despite the fact that it requires additional effort, it is a necessary security measure.


What kinds of documents are suitable for this?


We did a little research on the experience of Etsy sellers to understand what kind of documents are suitable for your account verification. Basically, ID means that this has to be a legal and official identification document. So, you can use both your passport photo or your driver’s license photo. Sending one of them should be enough to create a new Etsy account!