SOLUTION: How To Manage Product Bundles In Shopify?

SOLUTION How To Manage Product Bundles In Shopify Multiorders

To be honest, Shopify itself does not offer such an option. However there are many options to overcome this problem. One of the best solutions to manage product bundles in Shopify is Multiorders inventory management software.


For example, you sell three different types of jewelry and all these products are separate listings on Shopify. Suddenly you realized that customers buy the three pieces of jewelry together.


From here you decide to sell these three pieces together as a bundle and create a new listing for it. Here you will need the help of Multiorders because when you add products to our software you can set them as a bundle and what that bundle consists of. Essentially, you will sell the same three products separately and together as a jewelery set. If one of your jewelry pieces runs out of stock it means that you will not be able to sell the bundle.


Therefore Multiorders will update your stock and automatically your fourth listing – the bundle – will also be out of stock because you cannot fulfill that order.


Here is how you can create product bundles in Shopify:


1. Log in to your Multiorders account.


Login Screenshot Multiorders


2. Go to Inventory and find the main product for your bundle. Then click on it.


3. On the top right hand corner you will see the “Bundle” button. Click on it.


Bundle Button Screenshot Multiorders


4. A pop up window will appear and there you can choose other products that belong to that bundle. You can find your products by SKU or title.


Select Item To Bundle Screenshot Multiorders


5. Press Add on all the appropriate products. At the bottom you will see your Bundle/Kit item – the main product. Below the main item – Bundle/ Kit components – the other products that are added to your bundle.


product bundles in Shopify


6. When you are done, click Bundle at the bottom right hand corner. You can edit this bundle at any time. Just press on the Edit Bundle button.


That is it, now you know how to manage product bundles in Shopify and forget about order errors. Multiorders will do everything for you automatically.