How To Manage Shopify Inventory

How To Manage Shopify Inventory Multiorders

Inventory management is one of the hardest aspects for any business. You may think that you can learn how to manage Shopify inventory from practise and learn from your own mistakes. Unfortunately, in this case you have no room for mistakes. Regardless if you own a brick and mortar store or an ecommerce one, inventory management plays a very important role in your average customer retention. You must make sure that you do not sell more products than you have or that there is nothing left hiding in the corner of your storage space. If you are tired of trying to manually keep track of your sales and inventory in the spreadsheets and having to double check all the time, we have good news for you!

Shopify has developed a platform which is perfect for managing inventory and Multiorders has created an even better platform to manage all of your inventory from multiple sales channels.

How To Manage Shopify Inventory

Organizing  the products


Shopify’s inventory management system allows you to have your inventory organized and grouped by category, season, type, sale and anything that you may think of. Another very good feature is that you can have an unlimited number of items in your inventory. Whether you have just a handful of products or a few thousand, Shopify can handle it.


Even more, you can easily track and manage different product variations. For instance, if you sell clothes – size, colour, material; if you sell mobile phones – model, colour, screen size, etc.


Inventory tracking


Inventory tracking allows you to automatically update your inventory on Shopify. In this case, if you have linked your store with a supplier and they add available inventory, your store will automatically update it to match with suppliers. The same happens if your suppliers decide to reduce inventory numbers. You will find out how to manage Shopify inventory tracking below:



  • Login to your Shopify admin page.
  • Go to Products.
  • Click on any product that you have (here you may also open a variant if it is applicable for you).
  • Find the Inventory section.
  • Open the Inventory policy list and choose the Shopify tracks this product’s quantity option.
  • Click Save.



From now on your inventory will update automatically. If you own more than one store on different platforms, then to make it even more convenient you should use Multiorders inventory management software. Multiorders allows you to update inventory across all your stores automatically and reduce manual work to the minimum. If you use Multiorders, there will be no more confusion on the available product quantities and no more unhappy customers. It is easy to track inventory, since it will bring all the stores to one dashboard and speed up your inventory management. If you have any doubts, try it for free and see it yourself.


When you finally know how to manage Shopify inventory, you can start analysing which of your products are your best sellers, and which ones people tend to shy away from. You will always be aware of the quantities you have left and easy access to the information 24/7.


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