How To Fulfil Shopify Orders

How To Fulfil Shopify Orders Multiorders

As soon as you decide to start your own business, you might have a lot of questions about how to do it. For example, each e-commerce channel has its own rules and policies. So, the actions required to fulfil Shopify orders might be a lot simpler than in any other marketplace. However, without adequate know-how, it can take hours to complete even the simplest task. In this article, we took a closer look at the ways to fulfil Shopify orders, so you could simply choose the most suitable option.

fulfil Shopify orders

Manually fulfil Shopify orders


The manually fulfilled orders usually take more time, but help keep close control of your shipments. In order to manually fulfil Shopify orders, you need to go to your Shopify admin page. Then on the left click on the “Orders” section. There click on any “Unfulfilled” order number. Now scroll down and click on the “Start Fulfilling” button. Then, you need to make sure that all your product and shipment details are correct. Afterwards, click on the chosen shipping carrier and add the optional tracking number if needed. The final steps are to click on the “Fulfill items” button and mark your order as fulfilled.



Automatically fulfil Shopify orders


Shopify is one of the most convenient e-commerce platforms, so they offer some automated solutions. In your Shopify Settings, you can set up automated fulfilment. However, you can do it only in these situations:

  • If you are using a fulfilment service
  • You are selling digital downloads
  • You are not offering the pre-order option

Basically, if you nodded at all these statements you should keep reading. In order to set an option to automatically fulfil Shopify orders, go to Shopify admin. There, click on the “Settings” button. Then, choose “Checkout”. Scroll down to the “Orders processing” section and look for the “After an order has been paid” section. Now you have to select the first option “Automatically fulfil all of the order’s line items”. Bellow that, you can choose the “Notify customers of their shipment via email” option, which is highly recommended. It allows to automatically inform your customers when their order is fulfilled. Finally, save your changes in the left-hand corner of the page.



What fulfilment service should you use?


The best option is to choose the software that could help fulfil orders within seconds. Our management software Multiorders allows you to ship your orders in a few clicks. As soon as you connect your Shopify store you will be able to work with all of the most popular shipping carriers. When you receive an order, click on the chosen shipping company’s logo and Multiorders will do the rest. It automatically generates print labels and auto-updates your order with the tracking number. Also, if you are using other sales channels, simply connect them in the same manner as you did with Shopify. Then, you could control multiple sales channels in a single dashboard. So, it helps fulfil Shopify orders, control inventory and manage all other marketplaces.


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