How To Increase Shopify Sales In Your Store?

How To Increase Shopify Sales In Your Store Multiorders

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms currently available. The platform boasts more than 70,000 users and the value of products on the platform exceeding a total of $55 billion dollars. Generally, there are plenty of venues for a seller to grow on Shopify. However, it is necessary to know how to increase Shopify sales for that.


Increase Shopify Sales

How to increase Shopify sales


Fortunately, there are plenty of steps a store owner can follow to increase Shopify sales, and there are much more techniques to fine tune it. But they can all be simplified into two simple parts.



This part deals specifically with bringing in customers to your store. This can be someone new, or an existing visitor who is yet to make an order. To increase sales it is necessary for as many people as possible to know about your store first. There are plenty of ways to get people’s attention, advertising on social media, offering unique products, competitive pricing, etc.


Advertising on social media is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective techniques you can employ to increase Shopify sales. Have an official page for your store on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Post images of your products, new stock, etc. Then, let people know about any offers or discounts in your store, even try influencer marketing. Soon, more and more people will come across your page and then eventually your store. You can even try influencer marketing to speed up the process.


One great thing that can set your store apart from others is if you offer unique products. If your store offers products that are not available anywhere else or only in very few stores, the traffic to your store is going to increase. Another service you can offer is better prices at your store. Better prices are one of the most sought-after features by a customer in any store.



As much as bringing in new customers to your store is important, it is equally important to retain existing customers to increase Shopify sales.  Taking care of your existing customers will keep them coming back. Some things you can do to retain customers are offering promos and discounts to customers and notifying them by email, order cancellation and refund, customer support and feedback, etc.


You can offer special promotions or discounts in your store on special occasions and make sure to let your customers know about it. Keep your customers engaged with newsletters. It is also important to offer good customer service to build a strong relationship with them. For example, answer their queries as quickly as possible, offer advice. Offering a refund for a canceled order is also a good way to build trust in your customers. They feel more confident to make purchases in your store.


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