How To Report An eBay Buyer?

How To Report An eBay Buyer Multiorders

Wouldn’t it be great to see all the buyer’s information and their order history in the same place? This way, you could be aware of their previous interactions with your business. For instance, if they have betrayed you in your Shopify and Etsy stores, and order one more time from your eBay store, you could easily report them. Now all your buyers’ information, from all different sales channels can be saved in a single platform called Multiorders. This software connects different sales channels, automates order fulfilment and keeps all the necessary data in a single place. However, you should keep in mind, that reporting an eBay buyer must be done from your eBay account. You can do it directly by clicking this link.

When should you report an eBay buyer?

There are a few actions that are considered against eBay rules. If you see that somebody is performing them you should report that buyer to eBay.

  • Asks to complete sale outside of eBay
  • Abuses eBay Money Back Guarantee or the returns policy
  • Breaks feedback extortion policies 
  • Abuses the bid retraction process
  • Breaks any other eBay rule or policy


In order to report an eBay buyer, go to My eBay. Then, go to your orders and click on leave feedback next to the order you need. Finally, select the Report buyer option.

report an eBay buyer

On the other hand, if your customer is not violating any eBay rule and the problem can be specified, there are some other ways to solve it. These are the cases where you do not have to report an eBay buyer:

  • The buyer didn’t pay – try to open an unpaid item case and eBay will cancel the transaction. Also, they will give back your listing fees and re-list the item.
  • The buyer asks for a refund – first, you need to try to communicate with them and sort things out yourself. If you are unable to do that, then ask eBay team to help you out.
  • Inaccurate feedback – as an eBay seller you can respond to it or ask eBay to review it

Do not hesitate to report a buyer on eBay

Unfortunately, not all e-commerce stories end in a positive way. As a professional eBay seller, you might have already faced cases, where the buyer is the dishonest one. For example, if you sent an item to your customer before receiving a payment, later they can simply refuse to be charged. In this situation, they could also refrain from shipping that item back. Or they were rude and intractable. Also, if you see that buyers are working against eBay rules. Because these reasons are enough for you to report an eBay buyer, do not hesitate to do that in all the cases mentioned before.