How To Refund An Order On Shopify Store

How To Refund An Order On Shopify Store Multiorders

As a shop owner ideally you want to sell all your products, but in reality, that’s not how things will go. Many shop owners offer their customers the option to refund their purchases. This is one of the many factors that build trust in customers. It is possible to refund an order on Shopify stores.


Refund policy varies based on your store’s return policy. You can either refund an entire order or part of the order.

refund an order on shopify Multiorders

How to refund an order on Shopify: Entire order


When you refund an order, the customer needs to get notified if the request was successful, then the item needs to get restocked in your inventory and finally, the customer must get his payment back. To refund a full order :


  • From your Shopify admin page, choose the Orders option.


  • Then select the order that you have to refund.


  • Under the Order details section, select Refund option.


  • Enter the quantity of each item in the order.


  • You have a checkbox to choose if you want to refund with shipping or not.


  • Check the Restock checkbox based on if you have the items back in your inventory or not.


  • Then you are provided with an optional field to enter a reason for the refund. This is purely for your logs.


  • Select Send a notification to the customer checkbox to send email to the customer about the refund.


  • Finally, click Refund to refund the order.


How to refund an order on Shopify: Part of an order


It is possible to refund on Shopify only part of an order as well. To refund a partial order in Shopify, it’s very similar to the refunding a full order save for some small changes. To refund part of the order, follow the same steps like before. When you have to fill in the order quantities, only enter the quantity of the products that has to be refunded. If there is no request to refund a product, change the quantity to zero. Proceed with the remaining steps and click on Refund.