How To Change Shopify Themes For Storefronts?

How To Change Shopify Themes For Storefronts Multiorders

Obviously, building your storefront is a crucial part of gaining trust from your visitors. Themes help in providing an attractive storefront, so a good theme by itself is inviting to customers. Furthermore, with so many available in the app market, finding a better theme than your current one is inevitable. Fortunately, you can change Shopify themes for a store any number of times. Therefore you can keep trying different themes till you find the theme that represents you best.

How To Change Shopify Themes For Storefronts









Change Shopify themes for your store

There are a few ways to add the theme you want to your account:


  • You can purchase a theme from the Shopify app store.
    • Visit the Shopify app store and pick your theme.
    • Select the theme you like(you can preview it before finalizing).
    • Click on Buy theme(you can also customize the theme in preview and test it).
    • Approve charges to make the payment.


  • There are plenty of free themes available in admin, and you can add them immediately.
    • Choose Online stores Themes from your Shopify admin page.
    • Under the free themes section, select Explore free themes.
    • A window with all free themes available will open up.
    • Select the theme you want, preview it and press the Add button.


  • If you already have a theme downloaded to your computer, you can upload it.
    • Choose Online stores Themes from your Shopify admin page.
    • Under More themes, select Upload theme.
    • Choose the theme location from your computer(make sure the file is in .ZIP format).
    • Press Upload and wait for it to be uploaded.
    • You can access the theme in your admin page.

    You can have up to 20 themes in your account at any given time, although, you can use only one of the 20 themes in your account. If you wish to use Shopify themes that aren’t in your library already, you’ll have to remove an existing theme from your account and add the theme you want before you can use it. You can also preview what the theme will look like before applying it.


Customizing your theme


As a matter of fact, you have an added layer of customization to change Shopify themes. After you have chosen the theme for your store, you can customize it even further and fine tune it to your needs by editing the layout, fonts, colours, etc.


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