Does Shopify Offer Blogs?

Does Shopify Offer Blogs Multiorders

Writing a blog could help you escalate your online sales, by creating a connection between you and your customer. That is why more and more online sellers consider starting their own blog campaign. There are some e-commerce platforms that not only allow you to build your online store, but also have a blogging platform. So, if you are asking yourself does Shopify offer blogs, just keep reading.


Shopify offer blogs


Does Shopify offer blogs?


As mentioned before, starting your own blog campaign will definitely affect your performance. That is why if Shopify offer blogs doesn’t even depend on your chosen e-commerce plan. In other words, you are allowed to use a blogging software, that is built-in with every Shopify plan.


Shopify blogging software allows you to write articles, embed videos, moderate comments, etc. Moreover, on each blog, you can add some tags, set a page description and title. This feature is easy to use and has all the necessary tools to improve your SEO performance.


How to add a blog on Shopify?


First of all, by default, your blog in your Shopify store is called News. You can easily change this title by creating a new blog with a custom name, or you can keep working with the current one. In order to add a blog you need to go to your Shopify admin. Then, choose the “Online Store” and “Blog Posts”. After that click on the “Manage Blogs” button and then “Add blog”. Now you have to give a title to your blog and manage all the aforementioned settings. Also, you have to select how you want to manage comments. After you’re done, click on the “Save blog” button. Afterwards, you need to add your blog to your main navigation menu. The place where the blog section appears, basically, depends on your store’s theme.


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