There are situations when you need to do some improvements, that require to temporarily close your online shop. In that development process you cannot let your store sit idly, so you need to put Shopify store under construction. There are two ways to do it - with a plugin or by setting a password for your online store. In this article, we explain both of them.

put Shopify store under construction

How to put Shopify store under construction?

As mentioned before there are two ways to do it. One of them is totally free and includes the ability to notify your visitor with the message you set. Another option is to buy a plugin, that offers you more features.

  • Set password protection

This option is totally free and can be done by any online seller. Basically, it restricts customers' access to your online store. In order to set it, you need to go to your Shopify admin. Then, in Online Store select the Preferences button. Now scroll down to the Password protection area and check “Enable password”. In the “Password” field enter your password. Keep in mind that you need to use a different password from the one you are using to log into your admin panel. Next, you see the “Message for your visitors” field, where you can enter the message for your customers. Basically, it will show up when they enter your store. On the other hand, if you don’t want to show a message, leave this field blank. Afterwards, click on the “Save” button.

  • Shopify store under construction plugin

Another way to put Shopify store under construction is by using a plugin. It has a $9.99 monthly fee, but comes with additional features. Such as different images for your coming soon landing page or a countdown until launch with a relevant display timezone. Also, it allows you to add a message to your visitors with different font and size. Additional marketing tools, such as social media footer, email marketing integration.

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