How Does Etsy Notify You Of A Sale?

How Does Etsy Notify You Of A Sale? Multiorders

Etsy, without any doubt stand out from their competitors with their unique content. That is why more and more sellers decide to work with them. Whenever you start doing business in a new marketplace, you need to be familiar with its rules and policies. One of them would be the way Etsy notify you of a sale. Because without knowing this, you could dismiss an order and disappoint your customers. This is exactly why we compiled a short explanation how Etsy notify you of a sale.


Etsy notify you of a sale


How does Etsy notify you of a sale?


1. eMail

The most convenient way to know that you’ve got a new order is to check your email. As soon as you receive an order Etsy will send you an email. They use the address that you added in your account settings for this. However, it is possible that these emails can go to your spam folder. In order to avoid this, add [email protected] to your contacts.


2.  Check order details

Keep in mind that you can always check all your orders and their details. All you need to do is go to your account. Then, under the “Shop Manager” find and click on the “Orders &  Shipping” button. There you can see all your pending orders.


3.  Contact the buyer

There are some situations when you immediately need to contact your buyer. For example, something happens to the product during transport or it is on the back order. When something like this happens, you can always send an email to your buyer or start a conversation directly through Etsy. First, go to your “Shop Manager”, then to the “Orders &  Shipping” section. Now you need to find the right order and click on the buyer’s name. Finally, select either “Contact” (to start a new conversation) or their email address, that will open a new email on your computer.


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