How To Improve Etsy Listings For Better Search Results

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Etsy is a marketplace for artists, crafters and collectors. The marketplace has a large variety of handmade products, vintage stuff, etc. A recent statistic shows that there are more than 50 million products listed on Etsy. Obviously, with such a large selection, it is easy for your products to go unnoticed. However, there are a few key steps you can take to easily improve Etsy listings and make sure you’re generating profit consistently.


How To Improve Etsy Listings For Better Search Results Multiorders


Tips to improve Etsy listings


  • Build a brand


Instead of simply selling your products in your store, brand them. Create a brand from your store name and make sure to include the brand tag in your product names. Add the brand name/logo to your store’s website, on product tags, newsletters, emails, etc. It is easier for a customer to remember a branded product than a plain one. The longer they remember, the more chance there is that they will come back to you. Also, a branded product inspires trust and assures quality.



  • Know your customers


There are plenty of products and categories out there for various groups of people. There are also as many marketing methods out there. In order to improve Etsy listings, you have to target the right audience. As a result, it is important to know what type of customers are more likely to be interested in your product (age group, similar interests, etc.). Then, it is also equally important to market accordingly. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, think like them, try to picture what will attract them to your store. Instead of marketing to everyone, marketing to customers who are more likely to buy your products will yield better results.



  • Dress up your storefront


An attractive storefront will draw in more customers. Put in the time to not only improve Etsy listings, but also to build your website, select a good theme, add an attractive banner, categorize your products. Provide good quality images for your products as well as simple, informative and catchy product descriptions. Make sure to include your brand logo in your storefront. Overall, try to build a storefront that is attractive but accessible for your customers.



  • Spread awareness


There are some things you can do to market your products online absolutely free of charge. First, try to add as many relevant tags to your products as possible. The more tags you add to a product, the higher the chances of it being displayed in the results when a customer searches for a similar product. Think of synonyms or alternate search terms that someone can use to find your products, and add them to product tags. Also, the biggest and most effective way to promote your Etsy listings is social media. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great platforms to make people aware of your products. The more people you are able to reach, the more people will come to your store.



  • Customer service


One of the often forgotten aspects of growth is the retention of old customers. Although new customers are very important for a store, holding onto old customers is equally important for growth. Providing good customer service, like reacting to feedback, answering queries, flexible delivery, free shipping, promotions and rewards, are good ways to build trust in customers old and new. Stay in contact with them through regular newsletters and social media. Building a lasting relationship with your customers is key for your growth.




To improve your standings it is necessary to have a good rating. However, the only way to have a good rating is by selling. So, these tips above are in fact methods you can use to increase your sales, which in turn will improve your rankings eventually. Don’t be alarmed if the growth is a bit slow in the beginning. Once you are able to build a decent customer base and have a good review score, your listings will start to appear in the front pages and your growth will be much faster from there.


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