How To Change Etsy Email Address In Your Account?

How To Change Etsy Email Address In Your Account Multiorders

Your Etsy email address is the email ID you link to your Etsy during account setup. However, you can later change Etsy email address any number of times. The email address linked to your Etsy account is where you will get all notifications and updates. The payments you receive also come through your email address.


It is very important that you link a valid email ID to your Etsy account. The ID you provide is necessary for you to login to your Etsy account. Also, it’s the only other way apart from your dashboard for Etsy to contact you. Whenever Etsy needs to inform you about any news, updates or changes, you’ll be contacted through your Etsy email.


How To Change Etsy Email Address In Your Account

How to change Etsy email


A seller may want to change the email address they initially provided, for any number of reasons. You may want to change from using a personal email address to a business one. Some users may have set an embarrassing email ID that they want to change, or it can even be due to some sort of security issues. Even though you can change Etsy email address any number of times, it is important to note that only one Etsy account can be linked to an email ID at any time. Also, closing an account doesn’t open the email address linked to that account. If you want to use the email address for a new account, you’ll have to change the email address in the old account to free it up.


To change Etsy email:


  • First sign in to your account.


  • Navigate to “Account settings”.


  • Scroll down till you find the Email section.


  • Then find the “change your email” form, and fill the fields provided.


  • When done, click on “change email”.


  • Then login to the email address you provided in Etsy change email form.



  • Open the email, and click on the confirmation link.