How To List An Item On Etsy

How To List An Item On Etsy Multiorders

As a shop owner, you want to list all your items properly. There are few steps to list an item on Etsy, but overall it’s an easy process. You can list any type of item on Etsy, physical or digital. However, it is necessary to register yourself as a seller before you can list any items. To list an item on Etsy, you have to upload product images, set thumbnail and enter product details such as dimensions, price, inventory stock, shipping, etc.

How To List An Item On Etsy Powered Webstore

How to list an item on Etsy


To list an item on Etsy, first, go to your Shop Manager page, and then choose Listings. Under Listings, click on Add a listing.


The first step in creating a listing is uploading product images. Click on the photo icon to add images of your product. You have to choose where the images are located on your computer and then click Upload. It is possible to upload more than one image at a time. Also, you can move the image thumbnails to decide in what order you want to display the images on your listing. It is worth noting that all images can be of any height but have to be at least 1000 pixels wide. The first image in the list is the image Etsy will use as the thumbnail for your product. You can click on Adjust thumbnail below that image, to edit how much and what part of the image you want to display as the listing’s thumbnail.


After you upload the images, you have to fill in the product details. This is quite easy to follow. You just have to fill the fields in the page, such as product description, tags, category, price, quantity, shipping costs, item size, weight, etc. Once you enter all the product details, you can click on Preview to check out what the listing will look like. You can make any corrections if you want and then click on Publish to list an item on Etsy. Also, it is important to note that to list an item on Etsy, there is a small listing fee. This fee is a one-time thing, and you must pay for every listing you make on your page.


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