E-Commerce Branding: Collect Feedback

E-Commerce Branding- Collect Feedback Multiorders

Whole e-commerce branding is based on becoming more attractive to your customer. It includes creating different marketing strategies, logo, working with product images, etc. While still one of the most effective e-commerce branding supplements is customers reviews. Exactly them mirrors your online store’s success. For this reason, we would like to help to get them. In this article, you will find 6 best tips on how to collect feedback and why it is so important for your e-commerce branding.


Why should you collect feedback?

As mentioned before, reviews can show the success of your online store. Because in online business shoppers are not able neither to touch nor try your product, they have to trust others experience. In other words, only product images and descriptions show how a product should look like. Although, feedback and reviews are the things which establish whether your online store is trustable or not. You can collect feedback about product quality, shipping, customer service and mostly everything. All these reviews can become the best part of your e-commerce branding. Also, create a trustful and convenient brand image.


6 best tips on how to collect feedback

Collect Feedback

1. Easy review

By saying “easy review” we mean an easy access to a feedback section. None shopper will leave their comments if it is hard to do it. Although, maybe there will appear some users which will bother themselves to find where to leave their review. In this case, you will only collect feedback which will decrease your reputation. Happy clients usually are not determined to go through the whole website for their comments. To avoid getting only unsatisfied clients reviews you need to create a simple and easy to use feedback system.


2. Call your customer

In other words, you have to call your customers regularly and check-up on them. In addition to this, you can ask them to leave a feedback about their purchase. The key thing in this tip is to be appreciative with reviewers. At first, you need to ask if they are happy with your product and if the shipping went well. Afterwards, you can politely guide them to a page where you will collect feedback.


3. Highlight review

Another tool which helps to collect feedback is to highlight the customer’s review. In other words, if you get a positive review put it on your homepage! That will really increase your brand reputation and also encourages other shoppers. Each customer would like to get to a place under the spotlight, so it creates a mutual benefit for both sides. Also, this case positively impacts your company’s trust.


4. Incentives for reviews

Offering incentives for your customer review are one of the most effective ways to collect feedback. This one really encourages your clients to write down their opinion. Also, it makes users visit your online store one more time. Possible incentives types:

  • Discounts for the next order
  • Coupons for the next order
  • Gift cards
  • Free samples/gifts


5. Add a place for a review

One of the best ways to collect feedback is when you do it at the right time. For example, if you add review section in an orders confirmation page, most likely all your shoppers will fill them. The thing is that you have to keep them as brief and short as possible. Ask them the right questions and do not bother their time. If you manage to create short and convenient questions, it will work. Just remember to keep it simple.


6. Email surveys

The last but not least way to collect feedback is by sending an email survey. At first, it could sound as long and not non-beneficial way, but it only depends on survey type. A straightforward and brief survey, which won’t take much time to fulfil will definitely bring value. Create a survey template with the right questions and send it to your customers. Keep in mind, that you need to personalize those emails. In other words, add customer name in “thank you” and “good day” phrases.