E-Commerce Branding: Return and Refund Policy

E-Commerce Branding- Return and Refund Policy Multiorders

One of the most important e-commerce branding tasks is to make your business memorable. A well-written return and refund policy is one of the tools to achieve that. Most of the time it can be the determining factor whether a customer decides to choose your brand. For this reason, you have to take all the possible advantages from this tool. To help you we collected all the best tips on how to improve your e-commerce branding, by writing a return and refund policy.


Why is a return and refund policy important?


  1. Confidence in your brand. To begin with, it assures your customer that you feel confident about your product. Which, additionally, allows them to trust your goods. Providing understandable and simple return terms guarantees that your brand can be trusted. Also, it stands as a statement that you have quality products.


  1. Keeps your customer interested. Return and refund policy can improve loyalty between you and your client. There are situations when the customer is unhappy with their purchase and wants to return it. Despite that, it is definitely unnecessary to lose that client for good. With a well-planned refund system, this customer will come back to you.



Tips on how to write a return and refund policy


1. Understandable

The key to a well-written return and refund policy is simplicity. Use only plain English and avoid authoritative language. Your return and refund policy should be understandable to everyone. Online sellers should avoid any complex sentences, which confuse their customers. It is better to use reliable phrases and words.


2. Visibility

Another rule, your return and refund policy has to be easy to find. In the same manner, it has to be as easily visible, as it is readable. The best way to achieve that is by creating an easy access to them from any website page. It should be available in product pages, as well as in the home page. For example, you can see Multiorders terms of service by simply scrolling to the bottom of each page. Another way to improve the visibility of your return and refund policy is by adding them in the welcome and purchase confirmation emails.


3. Explanation

You need to cover all the circumstances. For example, in case of a return, whether you are offering store credit or a full refund. Also, you need to set a timeframe for returns, as well as for refunds. Online sellers have to think and write about different return cases. Also, decide when they are refunding full price and include unique terms for some products if needed.


4.  Avoid demands

One of the most important things which impact your customer’s decision is demanding. You need to banish all “you must”, “you are required” phrases. These sentences only frighten your customer. Also, avoid words like “we are not responsible”. Online sellers have to show their brand as confident and trustable.


5. FAQ

Having an FAQ page about your return and refund policy could really help your customers better understand all the terms. Also, it is easier for online sellers to question each statement and explain it in a few sentences. For example, you can provide all the information about how the product package should look like in case of a return.


6. Learn it

Another thing about the return and refund policy is that you have to learn them perfectly. The same goes for your team and co-workers. There could be situations when your customer asks you about some terms and they need to answer quickly. You have to learn it so you could assist your users and clients.


7. Give examples

Do not forget to clearly explain each situation. Also, you could add some pictures of situations and example stories. This kind of thing helps your customer to better understand your position and all the terms and conditions that apply to returns and refunds. For example, returning shipping costs and packaging.

Return and Refund Policy


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