E-Commerce Branding: Importance of Product Images

E-Commerce Branding - Importance of Product Images Multiorders

Each online seller seeks to be noticed through their brand. For this reason, there are many authors who dedicated their articles to e-commerce branding strategies. Although, there is one thing that should be highlighted – the importance of product images. Online selling mainly depends on visual experience, so quality product images can be very beneficial. In this article, we gathered all the best tips for your product images. Also, finally answered what kind of benefits will your pictures bring you.


What is the importance of product images?



1. On the Internet, you are selling pictures

The first thing, which should always be in your mind is that first of all, you are selling product images. Selling online eliminates the possibility to touch or to try the item before you buy it. So, the only thing left for your customer is to read reviews and see product images. Your picture becomes the only tool to evaluate your item. Also, most likely that is the main factor that determines their decision. A shopper buys visual information, not plain text.




2. Increase engagement

If you are still asking yourself how product images will help you improve your branding, the answer is – engagement. This is one of the main parts of branding, engagement will create a look of convenience for your brand. You will achieve this by having a strategy for your product images. Try to focus on style and colour, it is important to create a visually appealing layout. Also, consistently upload your pictures.




3. Forming first impressions

One of the most important things in online business is to create a great first impression. Of course, the first thing which shoppers see in your listings is product images. Despite what kind of picture you choose to use, it will definitely impact consumer emotions. So, this is your chance to provide the shopper with appropriate visual information. In other words, you can draw your customer’s attention in the first seconds.




4. Highlight product benefits

Creating high-quality product images will help your customer see all the angles of your item. You can upload different options and variations of each product. Also, showing different colours of your product is always better than simply listing those options. Besides that, you can visually show your competitive advantages. For example, on the front page of Multiorders you see their benefits in the picture, but you can also read about them below the image. Of course, the user’s eye first catches the image, and afterwards, they see text.

product images



5. Shareability

Another major fact about product images is that they improve your shareability. Just think about how many shoppers are active on social media and could possibly share their purchases. Not to mention, that there are influencers who could even collaborate with your brand. Keep in mind that they share pictures, so if it is visually appealing they could choose to use yours. In other words, quality product images are free advertising for your brand.




6. Boost your SEO

Finally, using product images improves your search engine optimisation. Each picture has an alt-text section , where you could add additional pieces of information. There you can use keywords, related phrases, common sentences, etc. All these tools improve your rankings and put you in a higher position. Also, alt-text helps your client understand the meaning of pictures if they’re not loading.




9 Tips to create quality product images


  1. Consistency  (have a strategy)
  2. Remove distractions (have only your product in the picture)
  3. Show how to use it (the purpose of your product)
  4. Size of the picture (the bigger – the better)
  5. Use white background (all attention to your product)
  6. Multiple angles (all angles of each product)
  7. Use a mannequin or model for clothes (high quality, realistic images)
  8. Create nice lighting (avoid using the camera’s flash)


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