Which Social Media Channels Should You Use For Online Business?

Which Social Media Channels Should You Use For Online Business Multiorders

The better the online seller – the more orders they receive. That is a well known fact, which forces each online shop to find new ways to achieve a bigger reach. If you want to spread the word about your brand, you need to talk about it. Additionally, the best place for talking is through social media channels. Despite the fact that you might already know about some existing channels, there is a lot more you need to discover. For this reason, we will show you where you need to start and which social media channels you should use for online business.


Where should you start?

First of all, you need to individually describe the three main things about your campaign on social media channels. You need to know your goals, what your customers already use and describe your content. There are many different ways of fulfilling social media campaigns, also each channel has its own purpose. These three parts will help you better evaluate your needs and choose social media channels which will fulfil them.


  1. Define your goals

It is very important to understand what you want to say through your social media channels. You have to be specific – maybe it will be just about exposing your brand, with pictures and advertisement. On the other hand, maybe you are more oriented to answering customers’ questions. Also, it could be just for learning about your customers. In other words, learning about their needs or habits. As soon as you figure out what are your goals, it will be much easier to choose your social media channels.


  1. Knowing what your customers use

Start with your existing users! Most likely, your brand is focused on a specific audience. So, asking them what social media channels they are already using would help you reach other customers.


  1. Your content on social media channels

Another key point is to decide what kind of content you are going to create. It is a really simple step, just choose which part is your strongest one. It could be anything from writing a blog, recording podcasts, uploading photographs, to even creating webinars, live streams and much more. Specified content helps you realize which social media channels could be the most suitable for it.


The most popular social media channels for online business

1. Facebook

One of the largest social media platforms, which until this year had over 2.13 billion monthly active users around the world. With these numbers, Facebook could be used as a marketing platform. Also, you can customize your page/account and target a really specific audience. It is a great option for each online seller to seek a bigger reach and get more customers.

2. Instagram

To be specific, this platform is one of the best options, if you decided to choose photographs as your content. Their popularity is rapidly growing –  there are over 25 million businesses on Instagram. It is a great way to expose your products, designs or services. Usually, e-commerce is based on a specific look and visual experience. For this reason, Instagram will totally fulfil your needs of social media channels.

3. Twitter

This platform is the best option if you are going to post news, messages, announcements and other information. It has more than 100 million daily users and 500 million tweets per day. Twitter allows marketing through textual content: quotations, articles and listicles.

4. LinkedIn

Most commonly it is chosen by B2B businesses, and usually when your goal is orientated to lead generation. With more than 260 million users every month, LinkedIn allows you to create an authority for your brand. A well created LinkedIn profile, allows your company to look trustful and convenient. Also, it is an ideal platform to help establish your brand through editorial content.


How many social media channels are you able to manage?


Firstly you might think that you should carefully consider how many social media channels you will be able to manage, but we would like to provide you with a solution. There is a way which gives you time to run tens of social media channels while managing your online shops. Multiorders order management software allows you to fulfil orders with a few clicks. It has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels and shipping carriers, so it automates most of your management process.

Connect different sales channels and control everything through Multiorders adjustable inventory management. Also, as soon as you receive an order, simply mark it as dispatched on all marketplaces with tracking numbers. The system automatically adds tracking information to each sales channel and additionally informs your customer. Also, it allows printing labels in bulk.

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This automated shipment allows you to complete order with a few clicks, so there is plenty of time left for taking care of your social media channels!

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